Saturday, 13 July 2013

A child's reward- A trip to the sand seaside

Squeaks loves her trips to the seaside.
She differentiates between our local favourites:
The rock seaside- a short walk from our house.
The rides sand seaside- Barry Island
The coffee rock seaside- The Knap (maybe mummy has a favourite coffee shop!)
The sand seaside- our new favourite- Ogmore

This week saw our first 'school report', the end of year performance, and a 'graduation'.
And for being so absolutely amazing, Squeaks was allowed to choose her treat.

And so, Wednesday afternoon saw three little ones and their mummy on their way to the rides sand seaside.
It's worth saying, I don't think Squeaks has ever been on any of the rides, or asked to, and so I am amazed by how she differentiates things.
I digress.

Wednesday afternoon saw mummy approach Barry Island thinking "what on earth was I thinking?"
For some reason I didn't think it would be busy.
And as I decided in my head that without a double buggy I wouldn't be attempting the walk from the surface car park.
And tried to rationalise how many laps I was willing to do of the free parking before giving up and going home.
My eyes lit up.
I didn't quite understand why everyone was driving past the free space.
But I'd take it.

And so we ended up happy.

We had the most wonderful time.

Although, admittedly I am left wondering at my children.
I got tired of my own voice as I told them off for throwing sand at each other.
And then as I realised I was telling each off equally.
And there were no innocent bystanders.
I figured I'd leave them to solve their own problems.
Loving the beach at Barry Island
Although this resulted in plotting.
And sumo wrestling.

And the seagulls came, to much amusement.
(Yes, by this point the pushchair had been renamed the 'naughty step' and Cheeky loved his time paying penance!).
Seagulls at Barry Island
And then Mr J arrived after his game of squash.
And everything was forgiven.
As all three carefully found the confidence to get in the sea.
And then wouldn't retreat.
Toddlers in the sea at Barry Island
Mummy was happy, she got a new blog header.
Although as we walked three near naked children back to the car to get them changed.
And I heard someone comment that it was 7pm.
I wondered about the mummy I had become.

"Not in bed I tell you.
And only wearing their under garments.
I'd put any money on them having chips for their tea"

Welcome to the best days of my children's lives!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Absolutely the best days! What a fantastic day out, and a really lovely post! I love the cheeky chappie photos and them all paddling in the sea and the image of them running back to the car all wet and happy :) #CountryKids

  2. What a gorgeous post! And yes definitely the best days. Love the new header, it looks great.

  3. This is such a lovely post, and they really are the best days, even though it doesn't always feel like it at times! I'd love you to share this on my Family Days Linky on Mums do travel, if you'd like to.

  4. Happy memories are made from these days! Our children grow up far too fast that we have to take advantage of spending quality time with them when we can. A beach is always a favourite in our household as it has something to keep everyone happy. Thanks for sharing your happy photos with CountryKids.

  5. Aww looks like you had a fantastic day!!
    Love the new header x

  6. The new header is fab! And it's good to let them do what they want sometimes AND have chips for tea ;) I feel like all I've done is moan all day and the boys have been the same. Probably mirroring my mood but I vow tomorrow will be different.

  7. love your new header:)
    these are rthe BEST days Debbie i recall days like this from my childhood which just goes to show how they stick out in the minds of children and as adults. who cares if some days they run wild, in their undies and have chips for tea and have a late night its a treat and its fun x x

  8. and it will be one of their best days! i promise, they remember those days where the rules slide a bit. Mine still talk excitedly about the days when we just have cereal for tea!!

  9. Summer is made for days like these. If you can't run into the sea fully clothed, play in the sand and stay out late when you are a child then you are missing out on a childhood. Well done for creating some special Summer memories for your little ones and I love your new header ;-)

  10. What a great day, and how lovely that everyone drove past the space for you, must be fate to get you that nice new header :O)

  11. Awww you can't beat a good beach on a summers day. I love the picture with the seagull. I'd have been terrified though - have a huge bird phobia! #CountryKids


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