Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dreaming about a White Christmas

Last week we were whisked away to a winter wonderland.
For Christmas in July with The White Company.

The most gorgeous home awaited us and took us straight from summer to winter.
Squeaks was whisked away to her own wonderland, with fantastic play tents, films and magic.
And mummy was left to drink gin and decorate gingerbread in lovely company.
Happy that the children were distracted, and mummy had made a gingerbread family for a homeward bound snack, we were left to explore this most amazing home.

Throughout the home were the most fantastic White Company touches of creativity.
Of course the home was more than aspirational. With three young children it is escapism.
And yet, as we explored I began to see little touches which would transfer so well to our home.
I loved the use of the vintage suitcases, the gorgeous photo frame, and the thick aran like throws and cushions which simply say 'Christmas'.
I loved the lights which look like rain clouds, which I have definitely ear marked for my aspiration of a nautical theme for the boys room.
And I fell for the play tents with the added 'wow' of fairy lights, which would offer so much adventure to the children's playtime.
And I adored the heart bunting.
Completely aspirational, I loved the fantastic advent calendar staircase... and as for the bath!

And into our world, I loved the advent calender across the fireplace, I adored the heart plates and boards, I was wowed by the idea of using picture frames for displaying Christmas cards, I fell in love with the simplicity of a feather and fairy lights in a glass cake stand, and both Squeaks and I wanted to take the playhouse home with us.
Christmas with The White Company was the perfect way to spend an evening.
And this Christmas list, I suspect will be one left for Mr J to make his wife happy on Christmas morning.


  1. Beautiful and tasteful! And because it's white and pure and not in your face, I can cope with this Christmas in July post; but it's the only one! I've pinned and nabbed a few thoughts, I also think I'll be visiting the White Company's site in November!

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