Sunday, 14 July 2013

Getting a bit of Home Sense

Last week I had the opportunity to visit HomeSense.
I have to admit to having driven past HomeSense a few times recently, to get to Jump, the leisure centre, and even Pets at Home.
I am kicking myself!

HomeSense is a sister company to TK Maxx, and on this I was sold.
Mr J is a massive TK Maxx fan, he can spend hours in the store.
I'm a little less patient, I liked it when I could buy clothes for Squeaks, but got frustrated as she got older and as for finding similar clothes for both boys- it was like digging for gold.
But I've loved TK Maxx for presents for the numerous birthday parties a four year old gets invited to, and for nic-nacs for the home, and since I've discovered the stationery section, and the baking section- there's been enough to keep me busy.

So, last week I was more than a little surprised to find I'd spend over an hour finding my way around Home Sense.
Home Sense focuses on the different rooms of your home, and is able to give that much more focus, and I of course had my work cut out.

When we put our house up for sale we first asked some estate agents for a valuation, we took on board the advice and did some cosmetic improvements, and tried again. Not only did we put over £30k on the asking price but we sold our house for that price within a week.

"You're a Visionary"
It's definitely worth checking out the HomeSense quiz to get an idea of what kind of shopper you are. 
As I chatted with Aaron, the fantastic HomeSense expert, I realised that whilst touch is important to me, I couldn't help but scan the store, and get drawn to certain things on sight.

We've been in our home for 18 months I know we think about improvements, now we got the feel of where we live and the house is truly ours.
And HomeSense allows you to do this. I got some fantastic inspiration, and of course a shopping list!

For me, I would love to add more to our walls. I know I need to sort my photo wall, but I loved these to add to it:
When thinking of others (to show willing and all!), there's a great children's section, and a pets section.
Did I mention stationery!
 And then I remembered the most important thing that was happening. (Why did I find the kitchen section?!). Our new oven! And I ended up spending far too much time eyeing up baking ideas.
 And I stumbled upon the most gorgeous crockery (Mr J, it's nearly my birthday!).
And our lounge could do with a bit of sprucing up! And we do live near the beach!!

And yet, these little people came first, so of course the baking section won me over and we spent the weekend breaking up time in the garden with making the most fantastic cakes!

Disclosure: I received a £30 gift card to spend in the store. And arrived home with a treasure trove of gifts!

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