Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Homemade thank you gifts for teachers

Following on from making Thank You cards for Squeaks' teachers, we decided to go one step further and make some gifts.
They will be accompanied by chocolate (so hopefully we'll be forgiven!).

We decided to build on our success at Christmas and for Valentine's... but saltdough was not to be on our menu, our oven packed in, so I decided to try air drying 'stuff' and opted for Crayola Model Magic. I was really surprised... I guess I had expected clay. I waited a week for it to try... and it was only when I intentionally snapped it I realised it had probably been dry within 24 hours (as advised)!

Model Magic is nothing like saltdough, playdough, fimo or most other things I've come across before.
It is really light... and as a result I was slightly more confident that we could stick things onto ribbon rather than create hang decorations as we have before.

I could not decided between stars and hearts. Stars as Squeaks' namesake, hearts... just because.
So we went with both!
After we had cut them out and left them to dry, I admit to going solo in painting the backs and the edges. I knew this would be the fiddly bit, and it would ensure Squeaks applied her full artistic license to the front.
Squeaks did go full creativity in her decorating endeavors, with mummy's back turned she also discovered that she could use the other end of a paintbrush to add 'decorative' holes into the Model Magic....
Squeaks did I really good job... especially as mummy thought she was buying acrylic paint... but didn't.. so it needed two coats- all the better for young people!
 And when they were painted, mummy cut ribbon and used superglue to create hangers... which I hope would add a unique touch to anyone's home.
I am still toying with adding a fingerprint to the heart... or maybe the words 'thank you'... or maybe just the year.
Mr J prefers them as they are....
The new oven arrives Thursday, maybe I'll add cookies!


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