Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Making taste testers do the work

We've been having fun getting organised for our children's baptism this weekend. As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® we've been testing out how well Cadbury's works with our chocolate moulds.

We've been planning our children's baptism in earnest over the last couple of months.
It's been years in the making.
Like Kate going into labour, it's been a real "Will they? Won't they?"
But in years rather than in days.
An even though we had decided in the face of everything we would. Yesterday we got the biggest surprise.
My brother arrives in the UK on Friday.

It will be the first time he will meet our two lovely boys.

It makes Sunday so much more special.
So much more important to us.
My brother will be able to make his promises to one of our boys as Godparent in person.

And having thrown caution to the wind and deciding to invite our whole family.
It will be even more of an occasion having my brother home to see everyone.

And so, I scratch my head, that decision that we would sort all the food.
I know they're family they'll accept us warts and all.
But I am that much more excited, and that much more nervous.

We've decided on a beach theme, I don't know why, I just find it easier to focus with a theme.
I thought it was a good idea when we got our first breath of sunshine. I didn't think for a moment it would last.
And now I'm left wondering about melting icing on cakes, and warm drinks rather than ice cold.

I'm taking comfort from planning.
I know from our Pirate's party that it won't go to plan.
But at least this way I'll know what I haven't done!

And so this weekend, we tried to get the bulk of our shopping list ticked off through a trip to Asda, I was really pleased with our purchases. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief that so many items were ticked off the shopping list.

And so I could stop with the distraction of planning.
And turn to living.
And appreciate some fun time with the little people.
In this weather there's a balance to be drawn with outdoor time.
And making chocolate with moulds was a really quick and easy indoor activity with toddlers. Giving them a break from the beating sun.
Admittedly, it's something I want to do for next weekend, so it wasn't a true break away from planning.
But it's Cadbury's Dairy Milk. So reason can go out of the window.

I let the boys choose what they wanted to do.
Whilst Cheeky spent time comparing the moulds, Tiny quickly set his sights on the chocolate!
Preparing for chocolate moulds
 They all focused on the task at hand, breaking the chocolate for melting.
Breaking up Cadbury's Dairy Milk
Although Cheeky decided for efficiency it may be better to cut out the melting process and just get straight down to the eating.  Siphoning off the chocolate!
And became a trend setter in the process.
Enjoying Cadbury's Dairy Milk
I managed to turn them back to the task at hand. Turning the yumminess of Cadbury's Dairy Milk into something even better.
With the help of sprinkles...
Sprinkles and chocolate

Cadbury's and sprinkles
And sparkles!
Sparkles and Cadbury's
And fortunately everyone was patient.
Until the following morning, and the decision over mid-morning snacks.
The fridge door opened and the chocolate was handed to me.
And whilst the sprinkles and been submerged they still looked delicious.
Yummy chocolate hearts
Enjoying a chocolate heart
And nothing says chocolate yumminess better than messy hands!
Cadbury's chocolate yumminess
I wasn't sure whether how the boys would get on with eating sparkles.
And aware that this was turning into a chocolate kind of day, I was eager to hint at a balanced diet!
I couldn't believe how well strawberries and milk was received.
Cadbury's chocolate, milk and strawberries
And, of course, it was straight for the sparkles.
Snack time for toddlers

Enjoying strawberries and milk

Toddler loving milk
And seeing how much they enjoyed this very special snack, I couldn't help myself.
I prepared a grown up version.
For when Mr J got home from squash.
And knowing that he'd frown about the chocolate, I threw in lots of our 5-a-day, there was no way he could say no.
And he didn't.
This is what our family summer day looks like.
And I love them!


  1. Aww seems like they had lots of fun! :) x

  2. The sparkles on the shells is so effective! I must admit the kids' drinks look perhaps even more appetising than the grown up ones, but then I do have a bit of a childish addiction to strawberry milkshake! Good luck for the weekend :-)

  3. The chocolates do look fab !
    Love the adult's drink too ;-)
    Perfect Summer afternoon.

  4. I love them! Your little ones are FAR too cute, too :)

    You know, I discovered that if you make the chocolates first, then roll them in glitter, it sticks even better. Just watch out for glittery, er, after effects ;) Makes it slightly nicer to clean up though (if you know what I mean).

  5. P.S.I am glad I'm not the only one who draws table plans ;)


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