Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday's Multiple Mum: Twin Mummy and Daddy #MMM

I haven't had chance to change everything yet, so whilst this still shows my old blog address, I couldn't overlook the fact that this week it Twins, Triplets and More Awareness Week, and I couldn't not introduce another fantastic twin mum.

And this week I get to introduce a Welsh star, and so there's an allegiance going on, not only the multiple mum one, but also the Welsh one.

Twin mummy has a wonderful story, and blogs in a sensitive, heart warming style over at Twin Mummy and Daddy. I'm so pleased to welcome this post, taking another journey through parenting twins.

My name is 'Twin Mummy' and I live in Cardiff with my husband 'Twin Daddy' and our 16 month old twin girls. We had IVF to conceive our twins and we were very lucky because it worked first time for us.
My husband and I pretty much knew we would be having twins before our first scan because we had two embryos out back so it wasn't a surprise to us. We were delighted and felt very lucky to be blessed with twins. The main things I wanted to know was what the chances of a natural delivery would be versus that of a c-section and which would be safer for our twins. The best of advice I received when pregnant was just to enjoy it because it goes quickly.

Friends and family and during our IVF I found a fertility forum very helpful for support. My pregnancy was good and bad! I has no symptoms. No morning sickness, nothing! At around 30 weeks were told twin 2 had stopped growing so I was given steroid injections to help develop the babies lungs and they were born via planned c-section at 34 weeks weighing 4lb3 and 2lb11. Both spent 27 days in special care.

With the IVF and pregnancy, my husband coped well and he was very supportive as you'd expect. I think the special care experience was tough and he put on a brave face for me but I knew underneath that he was hurting and finding it just as hard as I was.

What are your three best investments for multiples?

Angel care movement monitor - peace of mind for a paranoid mum and dad!

Baby jogger city mini double pushchair

Baby bouncers

What have you done as a mum of multiples which you never thought you’d do?

Oh my goodness where do I start! Co-sleeping - I was adamant I would never do it but I caved in!

What’s your best piece of advice for the early days? (as in your babies early life rather than early hours!)

Accept all the help you can get!

How has your life changed, now you are a mum of multiples?

It's stressful and tiring at the best of times but most of all, it's the best time of my life.

At this age, what are the best things about your multiples?

Watching their excitement at experiencing something new and watching them develop. They amaze me every day.

What have your multiples done which have made you laugh most?

Chase each other and give each other food!

What’s your best distraction for avoiding tantrums, arguments and/ or confrontation?

Going outside for fresh air always diffuses the situation.

How has having multiples changed your life for the better?

I'm a more confident and patient person.

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  1. Twin Mummy and Daddy have such a lovely story. It is great that they have written about their successful IVF story, for others going through the same treatment hearing about their story can give them confidence in their own journey.


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