Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Old enough for play dates?!

 I love where we live.
As a child I was allowed to visit as many friends as I wished as long as I never crossed the road.
And it may have taken a lot longer to get there but because of the way our estate was laid out it was possible to reach most friends on this basis.
I think where we live can pretty much allow us to operate the same principle.
Although there's a few years to go before any of our children will be able to walk alone to their friend's house.

The onset of our first proper 'summer holidays' was accompanied by the shock of remembering how difficult three children under one roof can be.
It's great when you have plans further afield.
And it's fantastic when the weather's good.
But it's still a shock to the system to know there's no playschool or nursery.

Thankfully in the run up to the holidays a lovely mum said "Miss A and Squeaks will have to meet up in the holidays".

And so it has begun.
Last week Miss A invited Squeaks around for a mornings play.
And we reciprocated with slave labour by way of cake decorating.

Whilst it is a complete joy to listen to my child playing contentedly with a child she so obviously adores.
And it is a fantastic source of motivation for Squeaks to do things in the hope she might get to spend some tie with Miss A.
It is so scary.
I feel like a missed out the stage of supervised visits.
We drop her off, and a couple of hours later she returns home.
And for those 24 hours which surround the meet up, she is on cloud nine.
The thought of not being able to see Miss A results in distress.
The excitement which surrounds a play date is a source of fantastically good behaviour.

And now more than anything Squeaks would like a sleepover.
I love the fact this is generating fantastic bedtime routines.
But I am so far away from entertaining sleepovers.
My nerves wouldn't take it!


  1. Aww! So sweet!!
    Play dates are so lovely at that age...

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