Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Preparations for Sunday

It hasn't really crept up on us.
We've been counting down the weeks.
Our new Reverend had her licencing last Tuesday.
Typically I was working away.
And she kindly agreed to visit our family on Friday.

It's that nerve wracking thing.
Do people just want to see our family.
Mess, chaos, disorder and all.
Or a well kept house, or routine, cleanliness, and order.

Thanks to my children it really is a 'take us or leave us'.
I know they can be the best and the worst children offer.
With the current weather, even as a parent I can't make them stay indoors.
And I wouldn't want to.

I think, and hope, Melanie (the new Reverend) was as nervous as me.
It can't be the easiest thing, coming into a new Parish.
Understand the why's and why for's.
And yet she had my children eating out of her hand.
Feigned shyness, and displays of affection.

I was so appreciative this Sunday when the boys behaved themselves in Sunday service.
And I was over the moon to find out all of Mr J's friends will be travelling down from Yorkshire for the service.
Albeit they are staying at ours.
But I'm leaving the mechanics of that with Mr J.

What I am grateful for?
I seem to be 'questioned' (I am not sure that's true or my paranoia) for my children having their own Godparents.
I think whether they are multiples or singletons, my children are individuals. So it is personal choice.
I seem to think my brothers and I were christened together and had the same Godparents.
And I know children who are christened separately may not.

Identity is so key to me, in my appreciation of having multiples, that I would like them each to gain from our friends who can treat them as individuals- where we may have no ability but to treat them as our children.
And so Sunday will see our friends and family making commitments to our children.
And with that, ahead of that, is our commitment.

I can't hide from the stigma of religion- the acceptance or resistance.
And yet I have yet to hear anyone disagree with the framework in which the Anglican religion bases itself.
Of the rights and wrongs which are so ably translated.

And that, whilst we accept and respect, that the fundamentals of religion, to me, of love, tolerance and respect, will see my children through.
And that with the will to want them to pursue their own paths, that our children will not be frowned upon for pursuing an alternate path.
My non-negotiable though is respect, that we do not have the power to hold anyone in judgement.
We have the right to represent our beliefs.
To respect others for theirs. Whether in agreement or not.
It is not our place to judge, to discriminate.

I remain in trepidation of Sunday.
I hope I can be the best for my children.

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