Saturday, 6 July 2013

Project #365 - Week #27

Sunday: Squeaks preparing her Christening fingerprint tree.
Monday: Happiness is.... bedtime. Getting these two to settle and getting cuddles.
Tuesday: Shoes... these shoes are Squeaks most prized possession. Probably because she really had to fight her corner to persuade mummy to buy them for her.
Wednesday: Squeaks first ever trip to London.
Thursday: A trip to theatre to see Grandpa in my Pocket
Friday: Love... seeing this view. Usually on the final leg of the journey home from London. It means I'm home.
Saturday: Fave smell... Mr J and I are trying to eat better at the moment. But we treated the little ones to chips tonight. They must have known it was a treat as they shared so happily.

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  1. I might be just a little bit envious of Squeaks shoes!

  2. the christening finger print tree sounds interesting. i love how your two boys sleep so close to one another its such a cute photo. i hope Squeaks enjoyed her first trip to the big smoke and i love her shoes.
    great photos for the FLS photos x

  3. Totalling stealing that idea for the fingerprints for The Boy's leaving card from nursery. Beautiful shoes as well, lucky girl!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  4. we watched Grandpa in my pocket recently and love it :-) xxx

  5. Love the art work - it looks very neat. Great shoes!

  6. I love those shoes. They're so cute! Hope you had a good time at Grandpa in my pocket!

  7. Love that picture of them sharing chips so nicely!

  8. looks a fun week, London I love it x

  9. Love the fact that your boys sleep so close - how cute!

  10. Ah, did they enjoy the theatre? I will always remember how excited Eva was when we took her to see Annie. We love the theatre!

  11. Gorgeous photos, yes I can imagine why those shoes are so precious, my little madam would love those. Squeaks really looks like you


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