Saturday, 13 July 2013

Project #365 - Week #28

So, I do have some indoor shots this week.
And it seems so unfair when the weather's so good.
But here goes:

Sunday- helping daddy with his lobster pots.
Monday- the only way to cool off in this weather.
Tuesday- the lobster pot provides.
Project 356 summer fun

Wednesday- someone enjoyed their time at the beach.
The seagulls at Barry Island
Thursday- enjoying a choc ice (seemed surprised she had some on her face...)
Friday- a trip to the rock sea side.
Saturday- shout if you like the sunshine.
Summer fun with Johnson Babies

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  1. Looks like outdoor fun in the sun all week. Fab!

  2. Look at all those seagulls, that looks a really fun and sunny day. (Except for the seagulls. They make me a bit nervous!)

  3. That shot with the seagulls in the background is amazing! Looks like a lovely week

  4. Fab beach and seaside shots - love those ice cream shots too.

  5. The one on the beach with the seagulls behind is fantastic. The plane trails and the seagulls absolutely sum up SUmmer!

  6. ooohhhh fresh lobster, do the kids eat it? he sad thing is in this hot weather chocolate and ice cream melt to quickly. Love the seagull picture, but they are a big nuisance here as they attack people with food.

  7. So much happiness this week. Love the look of the slide into the boat

  8. ha ha at the chocolate goatee!!! and i love that water slide - what fun although i may have been worrying on the inside watching them! And the swagull over head shot is fantastic x

  9. Good to see fun in sun. Don't you wish for a 'grown ups' version of the slide.. what fun would that be!!

  10. looks like a great fun week in the sun. I wish I could have a go on the slide, it looks like a lot of fun!


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