Saturday, 20 July 2013

Project #365 Week #29

Sunday: Party time
Monday: The difference after a nap- grumpy vs. re-energised
Tuesday: Planning for a party
Wednesday: It's so hot even Miller doesn't mind who he shares with
Thursday: Little Miss Attitude
Friday: Sleeping with daddy's squash coaching equipment
Saturday: Enjoying being tall

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. Your part planning loos so orgsnised. The last pic is so cute, the way they are gesturing the same from the back.

  2. I love party planning, hope its all going well, although I imagine it is with that level of organisation.

  3. hope they enjoyed the party. Had a chuckle at the attitude picture, the tall picture is a nice angle.

  4. hee hee i love the party planning drawing - so much detail. its lovely to see you in a photo :) and what an attitude face lol and then you see her sleeping - so cute x

  5. Love the little Miss Attitude and the boys together. I hope the party goes well - good luck.

  6. That's a lovely photo of you and the boys, even if one of them is grumpy

  7. Love the picture of you with the boys.


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