Monday, 22 July 2013

#QuinnyCasters - Becoming Mum

As I was left thinking about my favourite brands I realised just how much parenthood has changed me.

I thought about all my favourite brands, and one by one wrote them off, I am now much more flighty, I don't stick to one brand as 'me'. I love convenience shopping- online, I love sale shopping, and I'm known to use supermarkets for more or less everything when time is not on my side.

But I also realised where my children are concerned I'm a traditionalist, whilst I love craft fairs, flea markets, car boot sales and ebay for more decorative or unique items, every Christmas (it would seem without fail) main presents have been from Early Learning Centre.

And so I introduce our first brand.
I remember my mum taking us to Early Learning Centre as youngsters, and now it seems I have realised that a trusted brand it is. From understanding how it will support my child's learning, to trusting that it can withstand the enthusiasm of three children, to knowing it will be an item that will not be found at the back of a cupboard after a week.

And like most parents, my second brand continues this need to grab a child's imagination- Disney.
As a massive Disney fan it cheers me so to cuddle up on a sofa on a rainy Sunday afternoon to watch Toy Story.

I know they love Mickey's Clubhouse and Jake & the Neverland Pirates. I'm just holding my breath for the day they fall for Sully as we can add to our repertoire.

And finally, this is more for me, but because of them- Lakeland.

How I can while away a few hours on their website, or browse the shop and end with a basket full of ideas.
I have become a fan of creating baked treats.
I love the creation- that we come together as a family and make.
And the excitement as we wait for the oven to bake our wares.
And the patience as they cool.
And then the decoration. Which I actually think sometimes is more enjoyable than the eating.
But when you can use cake as a negotiator for good behaviour.
Well, it makes you go back to Lakeland for new ideas every time!

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