Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Taking the beach in our stride with our Quinny Moodd

Since we've had our Quinny Moodd I've had the chance to do things I haven't done in forever! Visiting shops, the theatre, our favourite parks and our favourite coastal path.
So, we've done cobbles, streets, grass, stone paths, and muddy paths.... so we thought when discovering a hidden treasure... we'd put the Quinny Moodd through it's paces.... and went for sand.

If you're a fan of Gavin & Stacey I know Barry Island isn't so much of a hidden treasure. But I do think it has a tarnish, that tourist tarnish, which means local people tend to avoid it.

The thing we've discovered is that it's a matter of timing, and yes hot sunny days, hot sunny weekends will result in queuing traffic and fighting for a car parking spot.

But hey if you're local to Cardiff- look at is as the equivalent to softplay- go after school, take a picnic.... It's perfect... and if you take your picnic with you, potentially (as it is for us) it's completely free!
And when the weather's good- of course you want to make the most of the outdoors. And what's better to exhaust children than a bit of sea air?!
So, how did the Quinny Moodd fit in with our family treasure.
Well, I've never seen children choosing to sit in a pushchair.
And yet all three children love to take a bit of time out in the Moodd.
And one had a little adventure on our most recent visit as a swarm of seagulls swooped down on someone's fish'n'chips (completely putting us all off any thoughts of a chippy tea!).

And so to the Quinny Moodd. Where are we at?
We love the easy release from folded- one click and we're back where we left off.
I love the brakes- right: brake on, left: break off- I know this feature was designed for me!
We know it handles well, the steering is great. We love the adjustable handle which allows Mr J and I to have our time at the wheel.
And we know it can cope easily with on and off road territory.

But sand, sand really is a completely different.
As we made our way to the beach everyone was in high spirits.
We even stopped to smell the flowers.
As we made our way onto the beach.

The lovely sandy beach, I stopped, I was alone with three children, I had no idea.
Fortunately a lovely man offered to help. Being completely British, I declined his kind offer.
He advised me that either carrying the pushchair would allow us to get onto the beach, or some people (the few brave ones attempt backwards).
And he was so right, I didn't need an extra pair of hands, the Quinny Moodd was perfectly capable of getting across (a very sandy) beach backwards.
And mum was completely in control of the Moodd and the excited children.
And as soon as we got passed the very sandy the Moodd was more than capable of handling itself.

Fortunately by the time we came to leave Mr J had arrived. I advised him to travel backwards. He took my advice.
I asked him if he had any problems getting off the beach.
He mentioned he had sand in his crocs.


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