Monday, 8 July 2013

Thank you cards for teachers

Squeaks is about to hit such a big milestone. She will say 'goodbye' to her mornings at playschool and afternoons at nursery school and will start reception in September at our local primary school.

Since moving here in October 2011 we have been so grateful to her playschool for offering a stability, as Squeaks transferred from one playschool to another.
And we have been amazed at how much Squeaks has developed, changed, and become since starting nursery school in September last year.

I wanted to do something special. We have a great deal of thanks to some wonderful people. For their patience, enthusiasm, and support. Whilst, as parents, we can do so much to develop our daughter, it is those social skills, and developing those social skills, well, of so many people I stand in awe.

I took inspiration from the words of The Boy and Me and the ideas Red Ted Art in creating meaningful thank you cards as we started to search the internet alongside a trip to Hobbycraft.
I decided the idea of leaving a fingerprint was everything I wanted to say.
That these wonderful individuals have left their mark on my daughter, and I hope in a small way the feeling is reciprocated.
I did a prototype based on the idea, to me, my little girl has always been my ladybug.
 And when I told Squeaks about it she, of course, had other ideas. Before Easter, in school, she was a 'buzzy bee' (which I had since remembered and was thinking of changing my colour scheme to bees), however what I didn't know was she was now a butterfly.
Squeaks really wanted to make her fingerprints into love hearts, and we also managed to incorporate the butterflies.
 We made the lovely fingerprints into pictures and made the pictures into cards.

And between the ladybugs for playschool and the butterflies for nursery school, I am beginning to think there might be a creative bone in my body.
And, if nothing else, I know my little girl had fun making them, and understands why we are saying 'thank you'.


  1. What a great idea! They look lovely

    1. And coming from a teacher! Thank you... I hope we get the same response from the recipients. x

  2. I love them! Now move so your children can be in my class ;)

    1. "No, you move"- that's right, I have perfected toddler tantrums.
      I have Barry Island, you have Peppa Pig World.... decisions, decisions!


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