Monday, 29 July 2013

The best of weekends

Do you ever get it?
The ridiculous pressure of feeling you have to live up to something.
Knowing the reality, that no-one will think any worse of you.
But nonetheless.

On Sunday our children were baptised.
And as these things do, it became exactly that, a lot more, but exactly that.

It was something we'd always intended.
My brother deciding to return home for a week set the date.
And then it came about that he wouldn't be able to make it.
But after all the waiting we decided to go ahead.
And then Mr J's best mate couldn't be here.
And we gritted our teeth and agreed it was for our children more so than anyone else.

And then things turned.
Five of Mr J's bestest mates completely threw us off guard by announcing they'd be coming.
And Mr J's cousin and her family said they were making the journey too.
And on Friday evening I arrived at my parents to collect the boys.
And my older brother was sitting there.
Like he'd never been away.

And so this is my snapshot from Sunday.
I'm hoping to get some photos from their service to write a post.
And sort the photos from the celebration to show in spite of everything the beach theme worked!

But for now, this is about family and friends.
That despite everything.
In spite of our lack of effort.
In spite of a couple of hundred miles.
And in spite of the day to day pretense of priorities.

My family were there.
I couldn't believe the Church was full.
That everyone made the effort to be there to witness the promises made to our children.

That Mr J's friends and family were there.
There is no grudge that he's absconded to Wales.

That the besties who have seen me through everything
Put up with my non-communicative behaviour.
And held my hand, and reminded me to take photos.

And Mr J is reminded of why he has to make the effort.
20 months away felt like 20 hours to me.
Despite being in another country (it is!) everyone just fell into old ways, and old roles.

I remembered that I'd try and get back to Wales once a month when I was away.
And yet Mr J hasn't been home for nearly a year.
And yes, he is fortunate to have more than one place to lay his hat.

It was odd seeing friends who've not seen the boys crawl, walk or run.
And watch as old bonds were re-established.

This weekend was about promises to our children.
But in doing so we've realised we need to make promises as a family.

Family and friendship.
Does it get any better?


  1. A lovely post. I completely understand that pressure that you describe. Then generally, it all works out in the end. :-)

    So pleased your brother did manage to come and all the friends came too. I struggle to keep up with people too.

    Hope your children enjoyed their special day.



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