Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Toddler love for books

The boys were delighted to receive two books to review from Parragon.
"Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs" by Giles Paley-Phillips and illustrated by Liz Pichon found its way into the hands of the boys through Britmums Live. And I was the best mum in the world for bringing home a book about dinosaurs (Cue lots of "rawr" noises).

And of course, you never knew that dinosaurs love brushing their teeth, but you did know they love going into space (because who wouldn't?!).
And of course, the boys loved the rhythm and rhyme of the book.
And they loved the illustrations.
And couldn't keep their hands off it.

And it was timely that I had been to school and listened to the teachers as they recommended having books for bedtime, as well as the books to encourage reading through interaction- and in the case of the boys, raucous interaction.
"Goodnight Little One" by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Rebecca Elliott is the perfect book to turn two little terrors into sleeping babies.
Admittedly, two little toddlers did love to provide the story with the accompaniments of animal noises.
But loved to close their eyes in time.
For me, we love a good dinosaur book, and finding good quality dinosaur books- which support learning is more difficult, so the rhyming and the range of subjects makes this a great exploratory book.

Books for bedtime are more common. The illustrations within the book are gorgeous, and the boys loved the variety of animals and I loved the bedtime messages, along with the caring and loving themes.

So, yes, I am glad to have these books on our bookshelves. And would be glad to have received them as gifts.
As a mum, I would be more likely to seek the dinosaur books (given the boys love dinosaurs) but would definitely gift the goodnight book to a new baby.

Disclosure: I received these books from Parragon. The views contained are entirely our own.

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