Friday, 26 July 2013

When 'Congratulations' doesn't rock it

Today we (Warning: Work related post!) received some really 'great' news.
Maybe my reaction is just a reflection of how much my work life priorities are moving more and more towards life.
We've been sworn to secrecy on the outcome.
But on the basis I won't give away too many clues (because I don't have the answers) I'm sure I won't land myself in too much trouble.

So, flashback to early 2012, I worked my butt off. We were working till all hours of the morning to get a proposal in.
We got it in. And I felt like I'd had a nervous breakdown in the process.
We were promised a response by July.
We found out in September we'd been successful.
I really was over the moon, how much of this was relief versus happiness is anyones guess.

As of November 1st I added a £15m project to my repertoire.

January we decided to work on another proposal.
With the benefit of having learned so much.
It was easier in some respects, being definitive about our abilities.
We lost a few of my lovely companies along the way, and I was gutted.
I knew their rationale was robust, but I knew our stance was the only way we could be successful and not fail superbly.
Following my 'dragons den' (type) experience I secured the support from my employer to go ahead.
The proposal was submitted.

We were told at the beginning of July we'd know by the end of the month.
I was having a conversation about the existing project on Tuesday, when it came about we should find out by the end of the week.
And in the contract management meeting for our existing project today I got out my blackberry to sort a date for our audit, and saw a missed call.
And an accompanying email.

The thing I've known throughout is I didn't know what good news would be.
A 'no' takes the decision out of my hands.
A 'yes' means we have learned from the past year, and don't have to relive the pain, but we do have to meet the unwieldy bureaucracy, to try and manage our customers who don't feel we fight their corner.
A 'yes' means I get to continue to develop my team in their secondment roles, and keep those we've recruited on fixed term with us.
A 'no' means I escape bureaucracy and return to the role I loved.

I travelled home from London (and there's another story) listening to Mumford & Sons and Blue October trying to figure out how I felt about the future.
I took this photo.
Because I was fortunate enough to be homeward bound.
And I get to go home to my family.
And know my world is a good place.
Come what may.

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  1. To the motherland where everything is ok. Hope that the future works out for the best?


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