Thursday, 11 July 2013

Why is education so important to children?

On Tuesday I had something in my diary, work knew not to question it.
At 10.45 I was in class R-LS listening to a Head Teacher as she introduced me to my daughter's future. Her education for the next six years.
I was enthused, the two teachers and learning support assistants were there. It's a two form entry.
We were all put at ease as we were introduced to the learning objectives, how assessments of the school and our children are made.

On Wednesday I had another appointment in my diary (thank goodness for lunch hours!).  This had been in my diary forever. My daughter's end of year show and 'graduation'. For September sees her walk across the playground- from nursery to reception.
A few steps to a grown-up, to my child a mile.
Graduation day - from nursery to reception
And this is the thing. Those 'first world' problems. I know, I've posted before on the decisions around feeder schools, discovering your child is going to a different school to her best friends, and I even found myself having the conversation on Tuesday (with the very patient teaching team) about whether my boys should be split when they reach Reception given it's a two-form entry.

And so to perspective.

It was only October that a young campaigner for girls’ education was shot by the Taliban. Malala’s determination for her right for schooling almost cost her life.
Credit: T.Mughal/epa/corbis
Malala survived surgery in the UK and tomorrow it’s Malala’s 16th birthday and she will make her first public speech at a youth takeover of the UN.

Education is a passion to me. I know, full well, that if education hadn't pulled me back at 16 I would have gone off the rails, which I was severely veering from at the time.
I cannot imagine being Malala, having the foresight to appreciate how important education is.

And so, in supporting ActionAid, I am able to defend the right for all children to have the right to an education.
I can do my bit in the UK, by supporting my children's right to education, and I also choose to appreciate the need for balance, and that through child sponsorship that girls in particular get their very first chance to go to school at all.

In Malala Yousafzai's words:
Malala Yousafzai

Please take the time.
From me, I can only say that I have the best parents in the world, but education really did keep me on the rails.
And when you think about your own child, our education system has the ability to bring out our best.
And if our children are to appreciate our aspirations for them, the ability to support for all, this surely has to be at the heart of everything?
To my mind, this country will not be at its best unless all countries are. So that our children, no matter where they are born are given the chance to be their best.
I want the best for my children.
I want them to be in a world that means every child is given the opportunity to be their best.
I am not naive.
I know how far off this we are.

For now, please, do something tiny, make a stand.

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  1. gosh those flower girls must have been warm. We complain about the education system in this country and it does lack sadly behind some of the rest of the world, but it is there for every child and free.


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