Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Baking Focaccia Bread with the #GreatBloggersBakeOff

So, this week the Great Bloggers Bake Off has been lined up for duty by Jenny and Helen and is on the case of bread.
I discovered last night, having finally sat down to watch the whole of The Great British Bake Off that watching the programme definitely gives you an advantage (because of course they mentioned waiting at least an hour before attempting to get the Angel Food Cake out of the tin!).
And I got that feeling of regret, knowing my dough was proofing overnight (Did I nearly sound like I know what I'm on about?!).
And this evening, not only was my 'bread' testament to this, but having watched this week's episode it reinforced where I had gone wrong.

So, this week I decided to attempt my favourite bread- focaccia. Again I used the BBC's Good Food website, I opted for this recipe over Paul Hollywood's version, I prefer detailed instruction over the chance of me using any intuition... and for my first time attempting to bake bread I thought this was important. Albeit I reserved the right to ignore the instructions.

Ingredients wise it was really simple.
Results wise... I think mine was more a garlic bread... with rosemary and sea salt instead of garlic.
And of course, everyone ate it.
Foccacia motivated by the Great British Bake Off
I left it to prove for a long time... almost a day in the end.
And then as I watched the Great British Bake Off tonight, and found out that the longer you leave bread to prove the heavier it gets... well yes... and me prodding my fingers to make dimples probably didn't make the situation much better.
Foccacia motivated by the Great British Bake Off
So, I give the bread I baked a thumbs up.
But it definitely wasn't foccacia!
So, it's proving overnight with fresh yeast, or sticking with the fast acting yeast in an hour and a half.

And of course when Mr J said "But will you give it another go?" it was like- Challenge Accepted.
I may have attempted this one early on the basis I predicted this week isn't going to go well work wise.
But I suspect I may be trying to incorporate baking bread regardless!
(And waiting till I've seen next week's episode before attempting petit fours!).

So... look out for take 2.
And maybe some breadsticks....?!

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  1. Debbie i think despite you saying it did not taste like foccacia the bread looks delicious! i love how you describe your trials and tribulations too - thats what i am loving about his linky it is challenging us all to try things we wouldnt normally
    thank you for linking up x x

  2. I think it looks delicious! It's really helpful to hear your tips, I'm hoping to try focaccia at some point! Good luck with the petit fours, that's what I'm trying next week too although I only have a very vague idea as to what they actually are

  3. looks tasty! I love the flavour of rosemary with yeasty bread - made for each other!

  4. It looks great! I've had foccacia before that has tasted more like garlic bread but there is nothing wrong with that, sounds delicious :-)

  5. Aw but it looks great and i cant wait to see your take 2 your be so plsed when your happy with the results great tips i will bear these in mind when i make foccacia and i love that you stuck to the tasty traditional rosemary and salt very tasty

  6. Looks fabulous! I quite like it when I end up making something by accident. As long as it's edible of course, and yours definitely looks like it checks that box.

  7. may not have tasted as you wanted but it does look the part and someone was clearly enjoying it :)

  8. Looks great! I also went for a focaccia bread but again not sure how 'focaccia' it was lol yours looks nice and i bet it tasted really good too x

  9. I love focaccia but it never seems as good as the stuff you buy...I need to catch up on the last 2 episodes of GBBO & pick up some breadmaking tips & maybe give it another go too!


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