Friday, 23 August 2013

Filling summer days with play dates

One of the nicest things about this summer has been spending quality time with Squeaks.
I spent today working from home.
By 10 o'clock Squeaks had built a den outside the office door using all the pillows from the lounge.
This afternoon I could hear her courting her daddy with a song she was making up as she banged the xylophone in time, about how much she loved him and the clothes that he was wearing.

I have tried to give Squeaks a balance of activities, days out, and boredom to fill her imagination. And as a result her handwriting is improving and her stories of life in 'flowerland' and 'loveheart land' are things I must record to remind me of this time, of so much positivity and happiness.

One thing which has really helped everyone is play dates. This week, Squeaks appears to have enjoyed time with her Uncle K. He has been home for the last month following the baptism, and yesterday returned to Thailand. The children were fortunate to have time with him before he left, Squeaks on Wednesday and the boys yesterday.
My mum was telling me how Squeaks had asked Uncle K if he would play playdough with her. To which he replied "Only if you say the magic word". After giving this some thought Squeaks responded "Abracadabra".
Knowing my brother makes this so entertaining as I can't imagine him breaking a smile, but surely he had no choice?!

Her all time favourite is play dates with Miss A.
And as a result I have tried to replicate her excitement with things for them to do together.
Play dates and happy days
The reality is I don't need to bother.
Squeaks imagination is so vast, so two 4-year olds together and the world is their oyster.
The routine seems to be playing (and trashing) Squeaks' bedroom.
Trampoline time and general garden fun.
Snack time.
An activity.
Playing (trashing) the lounge.
Sometimes a trip to the park, or more time in the garden.
A meal and home.
Play date fun
It really has been the height of Squeaks' summer to see Miss A.
And, to be honest, I have loved preparing things to do, whether it be cake decorating, baking, or craft.
Our most recent adventure was, in my head, going to be making flowers.
Crafting fun with children
And yet, imaginations kicked in.
And we had flowers, magic wands, caterpillars...
Play dates - flower crafting fun
 ... and such a proud and happy mummy.

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