Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Organix Goodies Review

We seem to flit with toddler food. I know the children are big fans of some foods and snacks, and yet I forget to put them on the shopping list and they fade to memory.

In July we were fortunate to receive a hamper full of Organix Goodies.
Organix Goodies
It's taken us this long to blog about it because I wanted to make sure we had tried and finished everything. So we wouldn't be buying foods which were just 'fads' and that everyone liked the food over a period of time.

The boys, of course, were eager to get eating:
Organix Goodies for toddlers
Even offering kisses to the lovely lady who sent them to our door:
Sending lots of love to Organix Goodies
And who couldn't give into that?
Even as I thought I'd take a piccie showing all the goodness Organix Goodies has to offer, I had already given in- and as if to demonstrate not only are Goodies full of goodness, and contributing to your five a day, I was already being supported in the taste test (although if he hadn't been in it you wouldn't have needed to know about my pile of laundry!):
Organix Goodies Squeezy
And the Squeezies really did go down a treat.
Organix Goodies Squeezy
  The boys were also massive fans of the squeezy tubes and fruit gummies.
Organix Goodies Fruit Gummies

Organix Goodies Fruit Gummies

Organix Goodies Fruit Gummies
Oddly the boys were much bigger fans of the strawberry and apple range, and Squeaks loved the Mango & Apple. And that is the great thing about Goodies- they cater for different tastes because they use a variety of fruits.
Squeaks did look at the Squeezies and squeezy tubes and inform me that she was a big girl and these were for the boys.
On the other hand, every oaty bar (bar the two which Mr J taste-tested) were included in Squeaks' lunch box and the empty packets were duly found in her bag). These will be great for when she starts school proper in September and with five days of packed lunch this variety will prove inevitable.

The Number Jumble cereal is definitely a summer holiday/ weekend breakfast as my patience can't take trying to get everyone out the door in the week as everyone attempts to recite and find their numbers.
But over the summer, as I remember the words in Squeaks' report I am quite glad of the opportunity to practice numbers by choice.

And so this weekend saw the last of the fruit tubes consumed.
Although last week also saw a restock of strawberry and apple fruit tubes so I'm happy we've found another way of ensuring the children get their 5-a-day.
Organix Goodies fruit tubes
We would definitely recommend the Organix Goodies, with a no junk promise. Knowing the food you're offering your children as snacks is providing a valuable source of goodness (and not fairy goodness- whether it be fibre, wholegrain or fruit it's proper goodness).
The products can be a part of a lunchbox or a weekend snack. And from the Johnson Babies view, where every snack is offered- a two year old will eagerly receive. A four old, well a four year old needs to be treated a teeny bit differently, and so the oaty bars and cereal definitely meet the brief!

Disclosure: We received a Goodies Organix hamper for the purposes of writing this review. We were asked to offer our views and opinions, which have been offered independently.

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