Sunday, 4 August 2013

Project #365 - Week #30

Fireman Sam inspired sharing

Strawberries, milk and Cadbury's

Toddler humour

Twin toddler boys slide

Oat biscuit stars

Playdates, cakes, and sprinkles

Technology style sleeping
A week late, but here goes:
Sunday: Words can't begin to express the joy of my sons with anything to do with Fireman Sam. This!
Monday: Enjoying a special treat.
Tuesday: Have you seen my belly button?
Wednesday: Sunshine fun at grandma and grandpa's.
Thursday: After a huge first time baking biscuits, I came back with these- oats and coconut. They were fantastic... although as photos from the baptism will show, making them into starfist was a little more problematic.
Friday: My first time as a play-date mum!
Saturday: With friends staying, and a very exciting day to follow, Squeaks was allowed to watch "mummy's big phone" before bed. This is how she fell asleep.
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  1. those cookies sound lush!! love the special treat shot xx

    1. Thank you x I'm just so grateful they were better than my first attempt!

  2. your boys look sooo cheeky! love the belly button one and them sat eating/drinking strawberries and milk. i have found Burton asleep with my ipad before in bed too x

    1. They definitely give us the best of times. And it's so lovely to see the different ways they throw strops (does that sound like a really bad mum?!).

  3. I love that you dress the boys the same, they look very cute in the red stripey top. And he has a cute little belly button!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

    1. Oddly, we stopped doing it when they started playschool to help,and it's one of those nice things over the summer (that I get to just pick one outfit rather than two!). And it does makes me laugh, they call it a 'hole' rather than a 'button' I can't wait to find out where it goes!

  4. Very happy pictures of the boys and a lovely sleeping one of Squeaks.


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