Saturday, 10 August 2013

Project #365 - Week #32

We started the week as we ended the week.
Although a trip out on Monday meant Saturday's baking was surrounded with a lot more excitement.

Sunday: Baking cupcakes and trying to figure out whether we prefer the glitter sugar or the sparkles. Squeaks definitely prefers the sparkles and we're left with half a tub of pink after a little sparkle became an understatement.
Chocolate fairy cakes with glitter
Monday: The boys and I did 'Mamas and Babas' in the morning, there's a really good reason why I've never stuck these groups out. We ended up needing retail therapy, so we went and broke the back on Squeaks' school uniform shopping. I ended up feeling guilty and treated the boys to a 'nee-naw' each for being so well behaved. We then popped to TK Maxx where they spotted a 'Thomas the Tank' silcone mould and I decided this was more a gift for me.  I haven't regretted buying the nee-naw's, they haven't left their sides since.
Toddles and Fireman Sam nee-naws
Tuesday: Like the idiot I am, I had 'one of those days at work'. So I turned up at the hotel I usually stay at, grabbed my Blackberry to get the booking reference from my calender. To find out I was in the wrong hotel. Cue recollection of the conversation with lovely Lorraine a month or so ago about being bored in the same hotel week in, week out, and I'd love to explore London. Needless to say, she had sorted this. And this was my view.
Overlooking St Paul's from Southwark Street
Wednesday: I got to enjoy a different walk to work, I got to cross Millennium Bridge, St Paul's, I finally saw the building One New Change which had meant a lot to me in 2006. And it was a good start to the day.
Millennium Bridge and St Paul's
Thursday: Whilst I was away, Squeaks and Grandma went to one of the sessions at Hobbycraft. It turns out Squeaks was the only one who turned up, had one-to-one tuition whilst my mum shopped. And Squeaks presented us with "mummy, daddy, Cheeky and Tiny". She was so excited that I don't think it even occurred to her that there wasn't one of her. Mr J wondered why I grabbed them and took a picture. Needless to say, like real life, 30mins later the boys weren't wearing any clothes.
Wooden spoon family
Friday: The perfect end to the week, and a great start to the weekend. Shrieking with laughter as I got an inferiority complex as to whether I hadn't taken my wedding seriously enough, concluding I probably took it too seriously. Having the words "I don't think I've ever seen leopardskin at a wedding" challenged. Nothing puts everything in context more than a bottle of wine with friends.
Henry's, Cardiff with friends
Saturday: I am smiling as a type this. I can't believe the excitement this has caused. We've made a choo-choo train. I sent Mr J shopping for something to connect the sections and wheels. When Squeaks sat down and asked me if I was using the laces for train tracks- completely caught off guard by such creativity I couldn't help but agree. Mr J then suggested I use straws to connect the carriages, which was perfect as the bendy bit worked for the corners. And as I thought I was getting creative using rice paper for windows, Squeaks asked if I was going to get a number 1. "Because it is Thomas, isn't it?". And I smiled and cut out a number 1 and proudly put it on the engine. And she frowned and said "It doesn't go there, it goes on the side." I justified myself by saying it wouldn't fit on the side. Needless to say, she's definitely the creative one in our family.
TK Maxx Train Silicone Cake Mould

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  1. wow busy week for you then honey! i am loving the cake i so wish i could bake and make something half as good xx

  2. So you should be smiling too, that cake is amazing! Very creative and I bet it tasted lovely

  3. that train cake is just brilliant Debbie and using straws was a great idea.the spoon people are really good too such a simple idea but they look fab x

  4. love the train cake, and how nice are those wooden spoons. Like the 2 beds pushed together

  5. How sweet that the boys went to sleep with their nee-naws! Love the train cake and the creative help from Squeaks (kids doing what they do best).

  6. A week of ups and downs for you, great view from the hotel and well done on the cake! Good wooden spoons too!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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