Saturday, 31 August 2013

Project #365 - Week #35

Week 35 saw me continuing to struggle without my phone, so many of these photos are taken by Mr J... or on Mr J's phone. Needs must!

Sunday: A Mr J photo. Happy boys out for the day.
Monday: Another Mr J photo. And my favourite of the week. Mr J is a very keen fisherman and has been waiting for too long for the children to become his fisherbabies. Squeaks had her first trip out with him this week. And although we concluded there's probably another 4 years to go, she did give it her very best.
Tuesday: My attempt at baking bread was appreciated!
Wednesday: A Mr J photo. Spoiling the boys whilst I went to Maidenhead.
Thursday: Whilst attempt 2 at bread was baking we decided to try lemon and blueberry muffins.
Friday: The boys loved the muffins.
Saturday: More pink cake!

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  1. Great fishing shot - she looks very competent.

  2. that cake is absolutely amazing!!

  3. i feel your phone loss pain - i was in the same predicament this time last year.
    what a smashing shot of Squeaks fishing - that looks so relaxing.and i loved your cake - well you know me, i just love cake! xx

  4. did she catch anything? OH keeps talking about Bob fishing but I reckon the 2 of them will fall out the first time Bob does not comply with the rules. Thats a big pink cake

  5. Love the fishing photo, great fun. Did she manage to catch anything?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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