Friday, 2 August 2013

#QuinnyCasters - A child's milestone: Riding the Bus

Taking Seren on a bus was a real adventure, we had planned for the day, drawn treasure maps, and captured the day with photos.
The boys have never been on a bus, with a double buggy it has just been unthinkable.
And as I pondered exploring the City from a different angle, I knew I wanted to show how fab our public transport is.
And yet I couldn't figure out how to make it work. So I set on our drive into Cardiff.
And then the 'Park and Ride' sign grabbed my attention.

Could the Quinny Moodd handle a Cardiff Bus?

We pulled in at the Council Offices at Cardiff Bay and, as always, there were waiting buses, eager to take shoppers into town.
And it was a breeze.

The Quinny just wheeled straight on, no need to fold down, we just pulled in- brake on, and settled on the seats for our short journey.
The boys loved it.
And I was the happiest mummy.
It really is the simple things.

And as we got into town the boys were eager to show me their city.
As they pushed each other around the shops.
Showing how light and easy the Moodd steers.
And they showed how well they know their mum, as they headed for Starbucks.
We did have other priorities, shoe shopping!

But we stopped at the Starbucks in St David's 2, and they showed how when they are happy they are the best at sharing.
And then had fun as they decided they both wanted to stretch their legs.
And it seemed as easy as anything to shop with a buggy and a child walking on each side.
And all too soon it was time to go home.

And where usually there might be protest, the knowledge that they were going home by bus brought smiles all round!

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