Friday, 9 August 2013

#QuinnyCasters The Final Task!: It's the end... And the beginning.

If you'd have asked me three months ago if I could take three children to the Barry Island. Three children of ages 4, 2 and 2.I'd have looked at you like you'd stepped off the nearest spaceship. Walking them? Trying to get a double buggy across the gorgeous sandy beach? Not on your nelly.

And could you imagine taking your 2 year old twins into Cardiff on the bus? I know you heard me mention the double buggy right?
And yet, here we are.

We've been for a walk on the Wales Coastal Park, we've been to Barry Island, we've visited the theatre, the Castle grounds, the National Museum. I've got to go shopping, twice. And the second time we went shopping, we went on the bus!
Cardiff Bus
You have to know, to a mum of three young children it really is the little things that make the difference.
Yes, we're fortunate. Gone are the days of even wondering about whether we'll make it out of the house.

But welcome to the days of the pressure of trying to balance the life of a working mum.

Balancing spending quality time with my gorgeous children with the to-do list which builds from a week at work.

Getting to the shops. Getting to the beach.

Where's this going?

Duh!- It's all thanks to the Quinny Moodd!

Maybe any pushchair could have hit the spot?

When Seren was born we bought the Maxi Cosi Mura, it truly met our brief, we lived in the Pennines and we needed something hard wearing and durable for all the hill walking. We bought a buggy, but it fell apart within a few months, it couldn't cope with the hill walking.

Now we've moved to South Wales we flit between the beach and the city. We love shopping, we love the theatre... but we still love walking, and we now do the beach instead of hills.
Rhoose Beach and the Quinny Moodd
So, if you're after a buggy, the Quinny Moodd probably isn't for you. It doesn't fold down as small and it's not quite as light.

If you're after a durable, hard wearing travel system- I couldn't recommend it more.

I genuinely think it the half way house between our Maxi Cosi Mura and buggy- and it would have suited our needs then and well as it does now.

I'd tell you how well it fits in our car, we have a Tiguan and a Sharan- so it would be a bit silly if it didn't comfortably fit. But we have managed to fit the double and the Quinny Moodd in the Sharan which has been great, and of course it fits comfortably in the Tiguan.

So, why would you opt for the Quinny Moodd over another travel system.

Well, for starters, I think if you had the Moodd you wouldn't think about getting a buggy- we did because our travel system was heavy, the Moodd sends this consideration out of the door. It is light weight- I've carried it up and down the spiral staircase at the theatre with ease.

I cried putting our travel system together. I had two year old boys helping me put the Moodd together and managed easily. Without tears. Does that not say it all?!

I have at least two, if not three, children surrounding me when we're out and about. Flicking the switch and having the pushchair in the exact position I left it in. Priceless. Straight in with one child and child number 2 still in the other hand.

Being able to flick the button and having it spring into place. Did I mention that?

Red means brake, grey means release. I can cope with this. I have no spacial awareness so I love it.

Happy children. Two children constantly wanting to be pushed or to push. Happy parent. They want to be in the driving seat. I want to them to be in the driving seat. It's a win win.
Maneuverability- I think that's a word. But basically I love the steering and the Moodd's lightweight. I love the boys can push each other-it proves it's adult proof! I love that we've done stones, cobbles, sand, pavements, grass, carpet... the surface the Moodd travels hasn't really been a consideration because it hasn't mattered.

Stylish- as a mum of three it usually isn't a consideration. But I have LOVED having a pushchair I am proud of. I love the photos of the children in it. It reminds me of a VW Beetle (it's the lovely rounded shape) and it makes me happy. I love our colour way. I love that it's unisex. But equally I would adore the pink fabric on the white frame... and the red... did I mention my favourite colour... but this is about the boys, and their Moodd fits them down to the ground.

What do we wish for the Moodd?

Probably clips for the changing bag. Maybe even as standard?

We did have to buy them for our double pushchair but that was because of the width. In singles we've used the carrier.The Moodd carrier isn't quite deep enough so we have to use the handles. Or maybe if there was a changing bag... which would be great if it matched the fab colours of the Moodd and fitted the essentials.
I can't think of anything more.

I love the accessories, I love the three-wheel (it's what we're used to) and I love (I forgot this one) the adjustable height on the handle as this suits both Mr J (tall) and me (medium/ short).
So, what next?

Theatre again this Saturday.

Definitely can't be getting the double down the spiral staircase with two young children.

Child on reins and child in Moodd it is.
Shopping? Well, why overlook the opportunity?

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