Wednesday, 7 August 2013

#QuinnyCasters Task 8 - Our favourite place

I've thought so long about this post.
Having returned to Cardiff after ten years away I have so many memories, and so many places which tug at my heart.
And as my family merged into my thoughts, I realised something.
We moved here because of a view.
The house we live in met our tick list- four bedrooms, one for each child.
But lots of houses met our tick list.
But this house is our home because we fell in love with the view.
 We overlook a nature reserve.
Which in turn backs onto the sea.
We reach the sea by walking for five minutes.
This is what caused Mr J to accept our move.

It doesn't matter that he prefers views of the Pennines, and I prefer views of Cardiff Bay or Castell Coch.
We have found a view.
It wasn't his.
It wasn't mine.
But now.
It is ours.

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