Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Johnson Babies are baptised

On July 28th the Johnson Babies added another date into their diaries to celebrate.
An invitation was delivered to our family and friends.
Christening invitation
And we were overwhelmed that our family and friends accepted the invitation.
Travelling from as far as Yorkshire, Hertfordshire and Thailand to support the children on their special day.

We had chosen to baptise our children at the Church we attend. It transpires there is another, "more picturesque", Church nearby but the children are comfortable and excited to go to Church, and so familiar surroundings was the right choice.

Of course I had mistimed everything. The baptism was at 2.30, which is usually the time that the boys nap (most days they are back to napping), and with all the excitement of our friends from Yorkshire staying for the weekend, then all the excitement of seeing all their favourite faces, and being the centre of attention. Everyone was a little more wired than they might have been.

One of the things I have realised in hindsight is that baptising older children probably justified hiring a photographer. I guess it's easier with a baby, in terms of getting people to look at the camera.

Having chased our three round the Church during the service, then expecting Godparents and three children to pose for photographs was vaguely optimistic.
Godparents at children's christening
And, of course, Mr J had to add some humour to the situation!
And, for added giggles, one of the Godparents found the pressure of the day too much, and for the first time in two and a half years got the boys muddled up, and was claiming to be Godparent to the wrong child.
Moments like these, accompanied by Squeaks following the Priest around like a lapdog, reinforce what our life is about.
Love and laughter.
And of course, the gentle nudge.
I didn't take any photos in the Church.
A gentle nudge from a Godparent means I have these photos of the day we all, family and friends, made our promises, gave our commitment, to my three gorgeous children- so full of the life that lies in front of them.
Johnson Babies are christened
I was pleased that we added touches to the day which mean we can represent this day in years to come. Reminiscing with our children the day our family and friends coming together to celebrate each child.
That they had the most thoughtful gifts which means we can sit together and talk about the promises we have all made to them.
And the Church has provided candles, to commemorate this day, every year hereafter. A "birthday" which they will share.
Creating baptism memories
And, of course, my wonderful mum presented us with something to reinforce our memories.
Christening keepsakes
And so, it has happened.
Promises are made.
Commitments are given.
And my children are fortunate to have so many wonderful people to guide them into their lives.
As we are blessed that we have this support in our lives.


  1. Aww looks like you all had a fantastic day! So special! x

  2. Oh what a special day you had, and I actually think that it's lovely that you've had them baptised older as they can comprehend it a little more. Such a wonderful occasion, I'm happy for you!

  3. Really love the look and idea of the trees for fingerprints. What a special day, thank you for sharing it with us


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