Sunday, 18 August 2013

Thomas the Tank Play Tent- A Review

When a Thomas the Tank Play Tent arrived for the Johnson Babies I knew we had lots of fun in store.
I had such amazing memories of my playhouse, I have recollections of being able to concoct any number of scenarios for playtime.
I remember it being used in the house and the garden.
And being a series of poles and corners which needed to be assembled in just the right way.

So I was a little surprised that the box was so compact.
And that the contents were a little mysterious.
The tent simply popped up.
With one pole across the top.

Squeaks was well impressed.
As was Miller and Ginger.
And Squeaks did as I thought she might, spent at least an hour making up her on play scenarios.

When the boys set their eyes on their play tent, well, no jar could contain their excitement.
As they made their way around the outside getting to see their favourite characters.
 And once inside whilst initially trying to sell tickets from the wrong window, I was soon handing over my well earned cash.

Like Squeaks, the boys has lots of fun having playtime.
Unfortunately this was where the downtime of garden play materialised.
It transpires, that in a garden like ours- exposed to the elements- the play tent was easily blown over.
And even without a gust of wind, with two little boys playing excitedly the same was true.
My suggestion- we had a baby sun tent, which came with plastic pegs, given the corners are already featured on our play tent, I would suggest by adding pegs it would be great for any outside play.

At the moment, there's no inside space for the play tent, so my mum and dad have been testing it. They look after the boys two days a week.
They're with me.
They love the tent, the ease of assembly.
And benefiting from a garden far more sheltered than ours.
They agreed pegs would be a bonus.
But also agreed that where it's only one child playing it's perfect.

We loved the imaginative play this play tent has brought to our home.
And it is a massive improvement of what has been before.
We think this is a great for indoor play.
And if your garden is sheltered, makes for great outdoor play.

We would recommend for more extensive play the inclusion of plastic pegs.

Disclosure: We received the Thomas the Tank Play Tent for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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  1. my boys would love this cos of the thomas theme! i do find the same with similar kind of tents, they always knock them down in the garden and end up rolling round the garden in it!! lol. but would be good indoors too


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