Monday, 26 August 2013

Walkers Mighty Lights - A review

Mummy went to the top of the favourite parent list when the boys got to open a parcel last week.

Walkers Mighty Lights had arrived had arrived on our doorstep- in roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted flavour. 
Whilst we tend to stick with snacks like wotsits, bread sticks and fruit there is no escaping the children's love of crisps (before we even get onto their parents!). 
Walkers Mighty Lights boast 30% less fat than standard crisps, and made from real potatoes with no artificial colours or preservatives as well as being a source of fibre, well, I was interested to see how the children would get on with them.

First things first, the boys decided who was going to take ownership of which colour.
Walkers Mighty Lights with Johnson Babies
And Tiny was quickly onto what was inside the packet!

Mighty Lights are ridged crisps, I don't know what it is about ridged crisps, but they do taste good!
Generally with crisps which boast less fat you expect thinner crisps, which weirdly taste watery.
Mighty Lights didn't have either of these problems, they are thick crisps, with good flavour. 
And, as if to prove that, I can't even tell you which is my favourite flavour. 
Usually I steer away from chicken and beef flavour crisps, finding them a bit synthetic, I guess this is because generally, and like Mighty Lights, crisps are often suitable for vegetarians. But, in a complete turnaround for our family, the Roast Chicken Mighty Lights were a hit with everyone, and everyone was more than happy to consider more!
Cheese and Onion are Mr J's favourite and all the children were happy for him to share.
And my usual favourite, lightly salted were well received because they were lightly salted. I am not a big fan of salt, we generally don't use it at home, but I do love crisps and dips, and these definitely fit the brief.

The boys, well, as they usually have crisps shared in bowls, they were ever so excited to have a packet each. Tiny quickly established he didn't have enough hands.
Enjoying Walkers Mighty Lights
But his crisp packet seemed to have him down to a tee!
Walkers Mighty Lights
In our house crisps are crisps, we know if you eat nothing else you'd have a poor diet, but we also live by 'everything in moderation'.
Having a healthier option is always the better option.
And not having the children be able to distinguish between the crisp with 30% less fat than another, well that's always going to be a deciding factor.
The children have loved these crisps, maybe it's because they're enjoying the novelty but they don't stop until they've gone and then they're asking for more.

We've given into the latest craze of lunch boxes with different sections, I thought we'd save money on child size portions as well as cling film and foil, what this means is that I can give the children a portion of crisps each which can be a part of a balanced diet. They enjoy crisps as much as they enjoy bread, cheese, fruit and yoghurts, so I'd like to maintain this, by not going overkill on anything.

I would be happy to integrate Mighty Lights into the children's packed lunches, and would definitely include on our shopping list for any time we are going on trips and take a picnic, or just know a snack will keep everyone happy!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review, we received three multipacks and financial compensation for this post. All views contained are our own.

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