Monday, 19 August 2013

What a difference a week makes - #CountryKids

Last Friday, as I travelled home by train I wondered if my husband and daughter would be there to greet me.
It was a long shot.
I had phoned to tell him what time my train was leaving Cardiff.

And as the train pulled in our car wasn't in the car park.
So I was over the moon to spy them both on the train platform.
With Squeaks on her bike.
And no-one was more over the moon than Squeaks to have pedalled to and from the station.

It reminded me of the little things.
So, since then, we have been committing to the little things.
Which seem to fall into two camps- swimming or the park.
So each day, there is a choice.
Sometimes there isn't a choice, there is swimming in the morning, and the park after the afternoon nap.
And I love having this time.
Finishing work and having my mind brought back to reality with love.
I love the excitement.
I love the happiness.
Which if work could compare, would make work a lot more worthwhile.
And these children, who make me cry with laughter, who astound me with their courage and confidence.
These children hold my heart.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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