Thursday, 26 September 2013

A belated traybakes challenge #GBBO

Regular followers of my blog (ahem, yes, you!) will have wondered where my week 5 of the #GreatBloggersBakeOff went off to. Have no fear, I was just lacking that common mother function. Time.

We regrouped, and fortunately we made some traybakes.
From reading Jenny and Helen's round up is was definitely the way to go.
We didn't make tuiles. I really wanted to, but I am a complete woose and didn't think my hands would take it.
So, without further ado, here's our week 5 effort:
And this was it:
Does it seem wrong to tempt my children with Cappuccino Cake...
In fairness, I didn't tempt them, they just love cake.
And I didn't have chocolate covered coffee beans... so used sugar covered chocolate, so they didn't have the caffeine intake they would might have had.
To be honest, I was having one of those failure moments, they had been browning in the oven and I was paranoid on a burnt tinge. With hindsight they should have been in my oven for a longer time on a lower temperature.
To add insult to injury, I left my mascarpone out, it should've been (as per the recipe) prepared as they were cooling and as a result a little firmer in texture.

And as for coffee, learn by decaf. My children love sharing, and there is nothing which can be withheld as they shout "Share" at you.

So, here's the honest truth.
My children love them.
And will happily devour them in pairs.
I am here as the classroom monitor.
The law enforcer.
No more than two per 24 hour period.
Me, the coffee lover, not fussed. Think they should have been baked for longer.

I tried to offset their (and mine) love of coffee with our second traybake.
We used blackberries.
From our recent blackberries outings it was so much fun.
And so we baked blackberry & coconut squares. Shall we just call them shapes?
My spacial awareness was once again in question.
Far too thin.
Completely delicious.
I would definitely use a smaller baking tray with thicker squares.
But hey, I've done traybakes. And yes, I've learned we a) needed more flavour and b) needed more thickness.
What I would say is... Traybakes... definitely the way to get completely unconfident bakers into the kitchen!


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