Friday, 13 September 2013

Charles Fuge's Wonderful Wildlife 123 #review

The boys are learning to count.
I suspect it started with them joining in when mummy says "I'm going to count to three".
It's hysterical when I'm attempting to tell one of them off that the other joins in with me.
And more so that Tiny takes himself off to the naughty step before I even have to ask.
 I digress, I thought I'd put the boys learning to the test, and was delighted to receive 'Wonderful Wildlife 123' to review, especially as it came hot on the heels of our trip to Longleat.
It's a great book, different to the usual 123 books.
Firstly it goes up to twenty.
This is great for Squeaks at the moment as she gets either forgets about 13 and 14 or gets them the wrong way around.
And it's great for the boys, as there are fantastic animals and insects which really engage them, and because it's not just turning five pages to get to ten, it means we can have lots of chat around the book.
And it feels a lot more grown up than other counting books. It's not as obvious. We've got some counting books which have photographs, and others which just have really obvious, in a row, objects.

Which means we have lots of fun reading it.
The boys get engaged, and if Squeaks is around- she loves showing them that she's in the know!

And the boys, well I thought they'd love the dinosaurs.
As it is we get stuck on the chipmunks throwing snowballs at the Yeti and Bigfoot.
I love this book for being that little bit different.
Having wonderfully detailed illustrations.
And showing there's life beyond 10!

Disclosure: We received this book as a Parragon Book Buddy. All views and opinions expressed are our own.

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