Friday, 27 September 2013

Childhood memories #REBUILD

Early this week I posted about ActionAid's #REBUILD campaign.

The focus of the #REBUILD campaign is in supporting children in war-affected countries, rebuilding shattered lives. Through child sponsorship ActionAid can ensure the basics such as water, food and education are given to children.

Childhood should be about the happiest of times.
It is certainly the focus of what we do as parents, to create memories.

And so, today, ActionAid is asking celebrities, bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, to get involved.
To share a memory, to get involved.

So, when I popped to pick the boys up from my parents this evening I raided the photograph albums.
I knew what I was looking for, but even so I whiled an hour away, and I only managed 1980-1985 (maybe my parents have all their photo albums clearly labelled!).
The family holidays, the birthday parties, the Christmases, school shows, occasions, motocross, and life.
Photos of grumpy faces, happy faces.

And this, 1985, the year I had a polaroid camera for my birthday and was over the moon.
The year of the first birthday party outside of the house. Which was such a big deal.

So of course the week before me and my best friends went out, with two bikes, a pair of rollerskates, a skipping rope and a toy poodle on a lead.
Ceri, the owner of one of the bikes and the toy poodle.
Katie, riding the other bike, whilst holding onto the lead of the toy poodle.
Me, on rollerskates, holding onto a skipping rope tied onto the bike.

As we went down (what I remember to be) the steep gully, Ceri went riding off, the dog wanted to follow dragging me and Katie, I went flying and my nose ended up bloody.

And my mum was so annoyed.
Because of course- what of your birthday party.
Look at the state of you.

And it was the best birthday party.
With the best cake.
(You know the one- with half a Sindy doll attached).
And yes, on either side of me, Ceri and Katie.

Because birthdays were always, and still are, made the most special by my mum.

And thanks to lots of special people getting involved in this campaign I'm able to reminisce about so many times I've forgotten:

With some great posts by Alexander Residence, Hello It's Gemma, Me and my shadow, A dad called Spen, Diary of a Dad.... and please let me know if I've missed yours and I'll add it in.

And if you haven't, why not get involved, raise awareness of the wonderful campaign with your favourite memory- and tweet @ActionAid using the #Rebuild tag.

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