Friday, 6 September 2013

Enjoying Cardiff's Red Hot World Buffet and Bar #Review

I'm not sure who was more excited to become part of the #RedHotTasteMaker programme, me or Mr J.
Mr J loves the Red Hot World Buffet and it is his first choice when we eat out in Cardiff.
But really we only eat out when we're having a treat with the little people so I was really looking forward to having some nights out with Mr J and having some much needed time together.

We chose to eat out on the evening of Bank Holiday Monday. I was taking the liberty of extending my birthday weekend, and we had manage to convince my mum to babysit.

I was amazed by how busy Cardiff was. It shows how completely out of touch we are since becoming parents with a 7pm curfew. And the Red Hot World Buffet was no exception, but for how busy it seemed there were some vacant tables and there were plenty of waiters on hand to ensure a smooth running.

We had booked online in advance, probably another naive one but I hadn't realised restaurants now did online bookings, and it was really straightforward and as one of those people who always gets caught making personal calls at work (like ordering my daughter's school cardigans last week), it is great to think you can just quickly book a table in a couple of minutes, at your convenience, well that's a definite plus.

So, what can I tell you about the Red Hot World Buffet.
Well, I guess it's more about the kind of people me and Mr J are.
Mr J loves spicy food. I don't.
This year, for my birthday, he attempted to organise a night out with friends "to that Curry House we really wanted to go to".
I love Italian food.
And as long as it's not spicy I do like to try new foods.

Mr J and I have completely different eating habits.
I'm quite traditional- starter, main course, dessert.
Mr J is a 'see it, like it, eat it' kind of eater.

Eating somewhere like the Red Hot World Buffet really works for us.
We can both eat at our own pace, and we can both follow our preferred eating habits.

So for me, this time, I tried sushi.
I would never bought sushi, I have been tempted, but what if I ordered it and I didn't like it?
As it turned out, I like it.
And typically, despite my protests about not wanting to go to aforementioned curry house I did end up opting for curry for my main course.
Probably because I wanted to try some new things, to see if I could stretch passed Tikka Massala and Sashlik.
It turns out I can't. And that's the great thing about buffet style eating, I didn't like it, so I tried something else instead.
(And although this is about Mr J and I eating out, this is definitely what I love about this style of eating for children. My children have tried all sorts of food which we wouldn't commit to at home without trying first. They are all so much more experimental than me and it is great to broaden their appetites by seeing where their preferences lie.)

I digress, typically as I get to dessert, and that's the best part of any meal for me.
Is it wrong that I wanted to try everything?
One of the things we've never seen, or tried, before were the pancakes which were made to order. And they also had the most fantastic waffles.

This is one of the things that I found about visiting in the evening, there seemed to be a wider choice, all the stations were full and there seemed to be a lot more made to order.
I liked this.
We've never felt, when we've been there in the day with the children, that we missed out on anything, but just to have a bit more speciality at night made it a different experience.

And as if to reinforce it, I decided (as it was my birthday sort-of) to have a cocktail.
And, like desserts, there was so much to choose from!
I went with English Berry (the lemonade and blackberry vodka sold it!) and it was fab. And unlike some cocktails you could definitely taste the alcohol!

We had a lovely night out, and the atmosphere and choice meant we enjoyed the evening. We didn't have to wait for courses, or feel hurried out, we were able just to take things at our pace.

It is definitely a fab place for taking children, but it is also a fab place for a date night, taking the time to catch up on life with your other half.
And it would seem my birthday surprise is that I like sushi- who'd have known?!

Disclosure: We received two complimentary meals and drinks as part of the #RedHotTasteMakers programme. All views and opinions are our own.


  1. That looks amazing. I'm hungry now after reading it :-)

  2. Not at all jealous, nope not a bit!....
    (actually really, really jealous! Love red hot world) x

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