Monday, 23 September 2013

Enjoying the outdoors in London! #CountyKids

On Saturday I reinforced to my daughter how much fun I have in work.
Ever since our last trip to London, where Squeaks discovered among meetings I get to play with trains and watch films in tepees, I have had a little girl tugging at my suitcase each week begging to be allowed to come to work with me again.
And whilst it may have been an option which I have considered, I have quickly remembered that it would be 'proper' work and far from enjoyable.

So when the Growing Up Milk mums were invited to a Teddy Bears Picnic I had a choice: returning to London the day after getting back isn't exactly a first choice, but taking Squeaks somewhere she really wanted to go, well, it's not such a choice after all.
I appreciate the target audience was probably the boys, but after discovering the train takes an extra hour to get to London on the weekend (as it takes the scenic route via extra stations) I knew we wouldn't cope the seven hour round trip.
And so the nagging paid off, Squeaks and I were on our way to London.

And, of course, as I have discovered with London, I was set to be surprised.
That whilst we disembarked at St Paul's, the reality was we were 'round the corner' from where mummy works.
As we went into the Park which mummy has strode past in her need to be somewhere else, and never appreciated what is beyond the iron railing.
And unlike the park opposite my office- Charterhouse Square- which on attempting to explore with Squeaks, we discovered was a private park, Postman's Park is not only beautiful to the naked eye it is also enshrined in such a raw history that its intrinsic beauty cannot fail to encapture you.
Reading across the Watts Memorial, standing next to your own children, this tiny representation in such a vast city that is London, recaptures the beauty of this great city.

Whilst Squeaks may not have appreciated the words, she truly loved every moment in the Park.
From puppetry, to face painting, to balloon making and stories.
 And, of course, the Park was fantastic for smelling the flowers, tree climbing and hide & seek.
For mummy, as we walked back to the 'usual' underground station, and Squeaks recollected memories of the last time we were here, I got to recreate new memories. So on Tuesday as I stand at this station frustrated to be so far from home, these will be the pictures in my mind.
Of course, I should say something about the reason we were in London. I did after all say we were there with other Growing Up Milk Mums.
It's one of "those" subjects to me. I always think it's easier to say, I spent the day with parents who love their children, who care about their child's nutrition and want to do the best they possibly can for their child to be their best.
I think the moment you say "I breastfeed", "I formula feed", "I mix feed"- it's the equivalent for mums of saying which political party you vote for. It's easy to read messages which may not be there, and to have preconceived ideas, which may or may not have been there prior to being a parent.
And sitting there with Squeaks rather than the boys it does bring it home.
At 5, starting school, no-one has asked how she was fed as a baby. We just care about where she goes from here. 
And the boys, well yes, all I care about it whether I'm doing everything I can to make sure they have the best balanced diet I can nurture.
As a working parent I know I will always feel the most guilt about the choices I make as a parent than the education or career choices I have made.
I do know I wouldn't wish any new parent the guilt that I have, and would always recommend parents follow their instincts and do everything possible to ensure their child is the healthiest and happiest they can be.
And as I stood on Saturday and chatted to other bloggers I realised this is the best thing ever, to be talking and watching over such happy children, it was just wonderful, for one day, to be.

And, of course, Squeaks is none the wiser over what mummy actually does when she goes to London to work!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Disclosure: We were invited to Postman's Park as part of our role as a Growing Up Mum. We received a goody bag and were reimbursed travel expenses. We were not requested to write a post, and therefore all views and opinions contained are our own.


  1. I can see you both had such a great time in London. The park and activities looked like so much fun and the photos show a very happy Squeaks displaying some fab face painting. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. It was lovely to see you both and Squeaks' face paint was so amazing. I hope you had a great mother - daughter day without the boys x


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