Sunday, 29 September 2013

#GBBO Tea loaf and Cinnamon whirls

So, this week was the week of sweet dough, and more specifically tea loaf, Couronne and sweet European buns.
Proving once again that you shouldn't actually try to get ahead of The Great British Bake Off.

I didn't really know what tea loaf was, and after looking through a few recipes thought I'd give it a try.
Of course using Yorkshire Tea to soak the fruit.
The recipe we used for Tea loaf didn't need yeast, neither did any of the others I found.
And with the benefit of thinking things through- Bara Brith or fruit loaf I would have got. Proving once again parallel thinking is not my think (same goes for parking).

But this was us, probably too much demerara sugar on the top (although less than the recipe suggested).
And if I had watched the episode first, I probably would have gone with a fruit loaf without the tea (I seem to forget I've only ever enjoyed tea when pregnant).
Fortunately Mr J loved it so it's all good.

My second effort was focused on the concept of European sweet buns, my google search ended up on wikipedia where I was lead to believe cinnamon buns would meet the brief. And my cross check in my head remembered Ikea's Cinnamon whirls so I figured I'd be ok.

And to be honest I was really pleased to be with dough again.
Remembering all the lessons of my bread.
And this time it was great, I got confused that my dough was still expanding as I was trying to roll it.
I must admit I still have no idea how you're meant to roll a rectangle shape with dough- it was completely in control!
The recipe used for Cinnamon whirls used prunes, which was a bit different.
They were delicious, but even so I'd probably use raisins and sultanas on a second attempt.

Neither of these recipes were up the children's street- so it was fortunate we were also catching up on traybakes.

Both of these are great autumnal treats which my parents loved, so I think these will also be featuring in our Christmas preparations.

As always, a massive thank you to Jenny and Helen for their support on this. For rallying everyone's confidence and making these challenges seem like a walk in the kitchen.
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  1. Both bakes look delicious! I also struggled making a rectangle to roll out for my buns, it's not as easy as it sounds!

  2. neither of those 2 would last 5 minutes in our house so next time you feel the urge to bake send them right over if your kids won't eat them! I love cinnamon buns & yours look lovely! thanks for joining in.

  3. Debbie firstly i love your humour and your photo styling with your tea cake. that te cake looks superb even if it was doughless and to be honest the majority of the linked up tea cakes are also without a yeast base. secondly your cinnamon buns look soooo nice - and i cannot for the life of me roll out dough in a rectangle !!! but it doesnt matte the end buns alwayas taste good! thanks again for linking up xx

  4. It's good that you write about it on your blog.


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