Thursday, 19 September 2013

How are you doing little girl?

You have the ability to make everything ok with a kiss and a cuddle.
But you're struggling.
You're struggling because like your mummy and daddy you're stubborn.
We don't think we can make you go to bed.
Two nights in a row you have snuck into our room and played merry with mummy's perfume and make up.
And it's so difficult not to get cross.
As you dissolve into tears.
As we put you to bed at 7.30 because you're so obviously tired.
But you keep yourself happy with books and your imagination.
Until at least 9.30.

We are trying to make sure you experience everything.
That you have time just to be you.
And time with us, and your grandparents.
Just to be loved.
You are of course thriving at school.
Learning your letters.
And your rhymes, songs and maths.
And drawing, plasticine and painting.

But I miss not knowing.
Not having daddy and your grandparents to update me.
But to rely on your book bag.
Your drawings, paintings and learning diary.

We've stopped calling it 'homework'.
Writing letters is much more endearing.
I'm not always sure who we're writing them to.
But you are.

You are unquestionable in your spirit.
You have the determination that adults envy.
You have the compassion and love that all should envy.
And most of all, you are you.
Full of hope, energy and happiness.
And I want to know you forever.

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