Sunday, 8 September 2013

Making shortbread and lemon posset petits fours #GreatBloggersBakeOff #GBBO

I was really looking forward to this week's Great British Bake Off. I love the motivation Jenny and Helen are providing and getting inspired by everyone's efforts.

I really wanted to try to make dainty little bakes which I could not only pass off as petits fours and as a little treat for Squeaks lunch box.
I had an idea of making a layer of sponge and making it into layers with jam, and covering with icing to make into little parcels. It didn't happen.

After watching this week's episode I loved Ruby's lemon shortbread, raspberry and chocolate shells, and as we already had the mould from making chocolate shells for the children's baptism I decided I'd take the leap and try shortbread as well as a raspberry jam.

For some reason (trying to avoid a chocolate overload) I thought it would be better to cover the shortbread shells with chocolate than have so much chocolate.
I found a recipe for lemon shortbread, and made the mistake of not reading if beforehand, and as I made it discovered that the only lemon flavour (lemon curd which I had made as part of my angel food cake) was added afterwards, which would be no good for this idea.
I thought about adding the lemon curd to the mix, but it was quite wet as it was.
So instead, I attempted to both coat the mould with lemon curd and also tried coating the tops with lemon curd prior to baking.
And because I had made so much shortbread I also decided to bring out the other moulds (hearts, mini cup cakes and spoons).
I decided to attempt my own jams, using raspberries and freshly picked blackberries, complements of Squeaks and Mr J. I used another BBC recipe, having not made jam before it seemed really straightforward, and maybe it was missing something as it really didn't get to the thickness of jam.

And then the shortbread came out of the oven. And the lemon curd idea didn't work.
So I was left with that which has just been baked as shortbread.
And the rest of the lemon shortbread recipe came to mind, lemon posset.
Lemon posset holds a lot of humorous memories in our family. No-one entirely remembers the history, but it involves the Shepherd's Rest Inn in Todmorden and my mum and her rubbish memory. Whatever restaurant we now eat in there's also the question as to whether lemon posset is on the menu.
I've never tried it, nor made it, but thought I would.

And it was not only so easy, but absolutely delicious, but I managed to make it look like some fantastic petits fours by combining with the shortbread.
I did go to work with white and milk chocolate with the shortbread, and also made some chocolate shapes by melting into the moulds.

I am so proud of the outcome.
I'm so proud that this is by no means what I set out to do.
And what I did set out to do looked (technical term coming up) rubbish.
And I still want to attempt my sponge gift parcels but time really hasn't been on my side this week.

So, pies and pastry.... arrgggghhh!

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  1. Debbie these look stunning! i would pay to eat it them as a dessert. wow!
    you should be so proud of yourself - all that effort . i am so glad you are enjoying this GBBO malarky. i am too.
    thank you for linking up x x

    1. Thank you Jenny, I am loving get involved and feeling inspired by all of the posts. xx

  2. I love these, especially the spoons with the possets; they look fabulous! x

    1. Thank you x Finally got the chance to put the mould to use and really impressed with the results. x

  3. Amazing! The spoons are so fab, they really set the whole thing off :-)

    1. Thank you x It's odd how things come together without even knowing!

  4. They look lovely, I really like the little spoons!


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