Saturday, 14 September 2013

Project #365 - Week #37

Our week has been a really odd one, probably best explained through the amount of baking.

Sunday: We celebrated the baptism of baby Daniel, and after a fantastic day I crashed out on the sofa to decide what pie I would attempt to bake as part of the #GreatBloggersBakeOff.

Monday: In a change to the norm I took a pit stop at Reading for a meeting with my new contract manager. Waiting for the train to London it rained whilst I tried to appreciate how much the station has changed.

Tuesday: Returning back from London I continued to research my #GreatBloggersBakeOff challenge.

Wednesday: The most random day. We managed to get our supplementary claim in for year 1 of the £15m project we won last year. It has been ever so stressful to get here and the stress continued to the end as a network somewhere crashed. And a year to day the ministerial announcement came that we've been successful in a second £15m project. Sometimes life baffles me. So, we got in the car and found somewhere to pick blackberries. Because sometimes, sometimes you just need to appreciate life's better without the fanfares.

Thursday: Squeaks is obviously taking Uncle Chris seriously now he's taken on the role of Godfather. A tattoo. Fortunately it's only one. And it washes off.

Friday: My randomness continues. I received the news that despite winning the new project that maybe I should think about not replacing a member of the team who's leaving. Fortunately the boys showed me how to keep it in perspective.

Saturday: How weekends should be. Squeaks loves the theatre, and constantly puts on shows. Whilst she has swimming and ballet in the week I am hoping this will become 'our thing' as I'm not always there on week nights. We went to a taster session at Sherman Sherbets, and at the end Squeaks approached the man running the group who was talking to one of the parents: "Excuse me, please can I ask you a question?" she said interrupting. Caught of guard the man says "Yes of course you can". "Please can I come back every Saturday?". Success!

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  1. Have you got a budding actress on your hands? Glad the work things managed to come off, I know you were stressing about them this week.

  2. Baking is good - hubby moaned I haven't baked for ages!!
    Hope the christening went well, I am trying to arrange Sebastians but our church, the church we were married in, the church my others were christened in won't do it as we don't live in their catchment!!

  3. Hi, i read your blog. I am agree and wanna ask "Have you got a budding actress on your hands? " with my friend question.

  4. A great week by the sounds of it and Saturday especially xxx

  5. i recall you mentioning about that project thing at work - it all sounds a bit odd doesnt it? and as you say, you win that money but you will be a person down!
    still, dreaming about baking and blackberry picking are sure fire ways to leave all that work stuff behind :)
    Your saturday sounds fun - a trip to the theatre is a lovely treat and Squeaks looks so grown up in the theatre pic x x

  6. That all sounds incredibly stressful but I love the way you seem to balance it all, I'm not sure I would manage it all quite so well.

  7. Love that last photo, looks like a nice walk.

  8. Reading train station is completely different now isn't it? We caught the train from there in the Summer when we went to LolliBop, and couldn't belive how much it had changed. And of course, that's what potties are for!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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