Sunday, 22 September 2013

Project #365 - Week #38

I nearly didn't make this week, it's been such chaos and then today I woke with a blinding headache.
Typically it was my Sunday School so after a session with eight children on honesty, I wanted nothing more than to crawl back under my duvet.
But, the children are tucked up, and I'm sat kicking myself for missing enjoying our Sunday together.
More early nights are probably required!

So, here we go:
Sunday: after a rainy day we decided to get everyone out of the house. By the time we had got down to the Point a rainbow was greeting us.

Monday: Nursery rhyme day in school and whilst Squeaks has a cat onesie ("Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?", etc), the preference was to wear the crocodile (or dragon I'm not sure) to go with the unconventional "Row, row, row your boat".

Tuesday: We've narrowed down options for after-school activities to three (don't ask!). And despite the guilt of never seeing through Baby Ballet in Todmorden (a mum turned to me as Tiny threw up over me and said "I could never have had twins", I responded along the lines of missing the form with the option on... and never felt inclined to return) we've finally managed to build up the confidence to start again. And with only two in the first class it was, of course, fantastic.

Wednesday: I love it when the boys play nicely together, which they do, a lot, but rarely when they're both playing with the same toy. It seems we are making progress.

Thursday: I've discovered a new pub round the corner from the office. It means we avoid the other 'overnighters' who go to the pub across the road, and just manage to pretend we're actual Londoners (or something like that). As I have no knowledge on lager, bitter or cider it's a great game of pot luck.

Friday: Ying and yang. I spent my day in London running a workshop on state aid regulations and audit requirements. Mr J took Miller for a walk along the coast...

Saturday: And Saturday saw me return to London. And to add no further justification to the fact that I do actually work in London, Squeaks enjoyed a teddy bear's picnic.

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  1. i love the tree climbing one and the coast one. I cant believe someone actually said that about having twins, some ppl!

  2. that first picture is great showing your family out in the fresh air and so close to the sea too! Squeaks in her crocodile outfit made me smile and what a good tree climber she is.
    Sorry you had a headache not nice on a day off with your family x x

  3. I had a blinding headache last weekend too, foul isn't it? Great shot of them all on the rainy walk.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. That first photo is absolutely stunning! I don't envy you having to travel so much with work, I'm finding life complicated enough and I only work down the road! That looks like a very brave young lady in the tree - what is it about children and trees?


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