Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Starting school - Interview as Squeaks begins Reception Class

I know parents find this time of year so difficult, watching as little ones start their journey into education. All of their hopes and dreams to be made.

I found this Back to School interview on Pinterest and thought it a great way to capture each year as the children progress into their lives.

There's one thing about the Johnson Babies which makes it absolutely impossible for me to shed a tear about this milestone (although I might have shed a tiny one as Squeaks kissed me goodbye and walked off hand-in-hand with her new teacher).
They are all so excited by playschool and school.
And I am so happy that they want to share this with me.

Yesterday I made the absolute mummy fail.
I took the boys to playschool.

We got everyone dressed.
They've got new Fireman Sam backpacks
They were super excited.
I took the best photos.
Packed them into the car.
Listening to their chatter and laughter.
Got them to playschool.
Did a u-turn in the car park.
Went home.
I was a day too early.
And the boys were broken hearted.

Squeaks started school today.
(So did the boys!).

And this is hopefully the first of many back to school interviews.

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  1. I'm still giggling at this (sorry!) Great that they are so excited about school though :)


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