Monday, 7 October 2013

Boots- for work, for home- for both?

There are some things in life which make me think I have the inability to grow up.
My love of cons and birkenstocks probably defines this.
I spent years thinking hobbling around in heels would make people treat me seriously.
And whilst first impressions obviously count, people lose confidence if your personality and ability don't stack up, and heels are not a part of this equation.
I have grown comfortable in flats.
And whilst I love to wear heels, this is weighed up with how much walking is involved in my day.

A few years ago wedges were recommended to me as the happy medium. Admittedly these were already my happy medium, and for work predominately I wear wedges, I have ballerina pumps for the summer, and one pair of heeled ankle boots which I adore, but otherwise, everyday work sees me in wedges.

But as we turn to autumn once more I am on the look out for boots to take me out with the family. Wedges aren't an option, and I feel my walking boots are only for serious occasions.So, once again, I am drawn to online shopping. Of course, K& is one of bookmarks, offering a range of my favourite brands along  with some great discounts I always feel the need to price check or rethink my options.

And fortunately the range of flat boots from K&Co means I am left with a shopping list for home and work, and with some wondering if they will travel across both.
I would love to reinvest in a pair of Dr Martens, the boots which saw me through my teenage years, but I'm not sure that I could wear them to work.
I've never had a pair of Uggs, and am so tempted, especially with the navy ones, but am not sure they're hardwearing enough for home life.
And I remain unsure about suede boots for home, but think as long as I protect them well enough I should be fine.
So, I think I have my top three
Although I'm not completely convinced. I really have a top 8.. at least.
I think I'd like to stick with wedges for work, so bottom left has it.
And whilst I love bottom right for home life... I'm still umm-ing over the suede... in favour of Doc's... or the boots with the overturned tongues.... or should I throw caution to the wind and go for my first pair of Ugg's.

Fortunately there's Father Christmas.
Maybe if I write him a letter I can let him decide?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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