Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Enjoying Cardiff's Country Fair

I have a picture in my mind. Squeaks' started walking at Tod Fest- Todmorden's two day festival celebrating music, food, drink and, well, Todmorden.

Last weekend saw Cardiff's Country Fair welcomed at Cardiff Castle.
I had no idea what to expect, and oddly it was the things I didn't expect which we most enjoyed.

The Country Fair has something to attract a variety of interests.
On arrival Squeaks had great fun dancing to the music at the Bandstand, and was then quickly distracted by the smells of great food.

I was distracted by the amount of stalls selling local Welsh produce, I was surprised by the variety on offer and how much we weren't aware of, despite having visited the Cardiff Christmas Markets.
I left with some ideas for Christmas presents (as I didn't fancy carrying a keg of cider back to the car for Mr J!).
And what we loved most was how welcoming everyone was of Squeaks.
That like Incredible Edible in Tod, there are similar, fantastic projects in Cardiff.
I was impressed by the work going on at Riverside Markets which is really close to home (in fact the first home I was welcomed to by my parents and the place that provided 10 years of speech therapy!).
And it was great to see Cefn Mably Farm getting children involved and as Squeaks is desperate for a kitten for Christmas it was lovely to witness her patience with a rabbit and guinea pig.
I was most taken however with Free Range Learning, I know how much Mr J misses the chickens we kept in Tod. And in most random times Squeaks recalls her chickens (we left Tod when she was two and a half) with fondness.
Squeaks was completely taken with Hannah, who as part of the Free Range Learning team looks at introducing schools to keeping livestock, whether that be chickens, small animals or a worm farm.
A good friend of mine has worked for Garden Organic, and it reminded me of her work, and it was great to find out that there are ways to ensure all children have the opportunity to benefit from learning outside of a textbook (or tablet!).
From speaking to Hannah I am almost convinced that there is a way to reintroduce chickens to the family (and get the decking I have been begging Mr J to lay in the garden!).
Squeaks had a lot of her own questions to ask, and amazingly Hannah seemed to be able to answer all of them!

As we left we took the opportunity to try out the tractors which Squeaks absolutely adored.

And I am left with some great photos of our day:
Disclosure: We were provided with two press passes to the Fair but were not asked to write a review. All views contained are our own, and are written to promote some fantastic Welsh projects.

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