Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mack and Mabel by Sebastien Braun #Review

I can't imagine what life would be like if my little ones didn't love vehicles.
We drive past the airport most days, and there is always a competition to see who can spot the most planes, and then who gets to go in each (hypothetically speaking).
Our cars both have names (imaginatively 'Bluey' and 'Silver').
And emergency vehicles can't even go past without a reference to Sam (of the Fireman variety).

At this time of year the children are always on the look out for tractor, and as we live a way out they are in frequent supply.
Gone are the days of being annoyed at being stuck behind one, the little people get so excited and it is always good to see them so entertained.

So when Harper Collins sent us a book about tractors you can imagine the enthusiasm all three had to get to bedtime. And the book has seen lots of journeys up and down the stairs as it has to be read a few times each day.
The book has a great message, in a wonderfully engaging way. It details the arrival of a new tractor- Muck who Mack has to take under his wing. Beep is the wonderfully encouraging pink jeep (of course Squeaks now wants one for Christmas!), who does her best to support Muck and help Mack see how he can make Muck a great worker on the farm.
To me these are great messages for all three children.
As you can see the boys had lots of fun reading the book, deciding who would drive each tractor, practicing their counting and colours, and deciding who would be fastest.
The illustrations are bright and clear, facial expressions are obvious which really helps the boys to understand the book. For Squeaks the letters are clear and she can identify those letters she has learned so it is a great out of school support.
All three enjoyed reading the book, Squeaks at 4 understood the messages more so than the boys, although the boys definitely understood the importance of looking after little things.

Mack and Mabel is published by Harper Collins, and available from good book shops.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this book for the purposes of this review. All views contained are our own.

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