Monday, 21 October 2013

Making Profiteroles with the #GBBO and The Hairy Bikers

Profiteroles. A favourite. But admittedly it wasn't my first choice for a new recipe to try out.
Almost three weeks behind in my pursuit of Helen and Jenny I decided to forgo aspirations of Religieuse and go with my favourite.
As I looked up recipes I decided I had to go with a Hairy Bikers recipe, compared to others which have been a road to improvement, I made lemon and blueberry muffins and they were so good first time I knew this recipe was the way to go.
And it was.
This was a really straightforward recipe to follow. It made absolutely scrumptious profiteroles- the vanilla cream was delicious and the white chocolate sauce made them easy to devour in one sitting.
Making them again I would definitely try and make them more rounded rather than just throwing the heaped teaspoons on to the parchment.
Honestly though I would probably go with Choux buns, I think the children would eat them a bit more enthusiastically.... so I don't feel like I have to eat the majority rather than twiddling my thumbs.

A definite hit with us, a definite 'phew' from me- I made profiteroles and they were delicious- mission accomplished!

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