Friday, 25 October 2013

Oral B Triumph 5000 #Review

I don't know what you've been like about dental hygiene since your children were born but my priorities changed, and probably at some stage they tipped a bit too much in favour of my children.

Since Squeaks was a year old we have been going to the dentist. Unfortunately when we lived in Yorkshire we could only find an NHS dentist which would take children, so Squeaks went regularly and I eventually found one which would take me and ended up doing root canal. It took me a long time to return.

When we moved to South Wales I managed to register with the same surgery which I had as a child. Unfortunately my dentist had retired and now living a bit further out it was not a practical journey.
Five months ago I managed to find a local NHS dentist who could take on our family. She had a three month waiting list.

She was worth it.
As I think the best dentists are.
I went with a 4 year old and 2 year old twin boys.
It was exhausting.
But she took the time to inspect each child, thoroughly.
And somewhat ashamedly it was not all good.
Squeaks gave up her doh-dees 6 months ago after our dentist said she had to. She now has the begins on an underbite.
The boys are already both suffering from having doh-dees, not only affecting their teeth but also their bone structure.
Tiny has brown spots on one of his teeth- suggesting the begins of decay. At two years old! My need to ensure he is putting on weight means he is now probably snacking too much, which is probably the cause.
I walked out feeling like a failing mum.
And as someone who had failed to remember the importance of their own teeth.
I need treatment. I always start but never see it through because the children or work, or life comes first.

I now have two appointments booked to sort out my mouth.
And so the arrival of the Oral B Triumph 5000 to review was much appreciated.
I do have an electric toothbrush so it was always good to understand why this toothbrush would be an improvement.
The first thing that you notice is the inclusion of the extra gadget- the smart guide- and I wondered whether this would be a novelty which would wear off.
The second thing is how smart it is and how everything which could be an issue with standard electric toothbrushes has been thought of.
It has battery lights which reduce over time, so you have a good idea of how much battery life remains, rather than the sudden flashing you get a few minutes before the toothbrush stops.
It has a red light which tells you when you are applying too much pressure.
It has a great base unit which means you can keep everything in one place.
And it comes with a really handy travel case, which means each week when I'm working away I can take the toothbrush conveniently.
 And I am a convert to the handy gadget- the SmartGuide- which can be affixed to a wall, but sits on a shelf.
Which has a smiley face and four stars when I've brushed properly. Which automatically begins timing my toothbrushing session when I turn the toothbrush on, and guides you to spend 30seconds on each quadrant- resulting in four stars and a smiley face if you do.
It also allows you to see which setting you've selected on your toothbrush and which means when time allows I've been polishing my teeth alongside the regular daily cleans. And even with the daily clean, it's quite odd to ignore the SmartGuide and see if two-minutes is the same in your head as it is in reality. And the reality is that I do not spend as long on my teeth when I am estimating two minutes!
The toothbrush is recommended by dentists and has the British Dental Foundation Platinum endorsement. So yes, I think my teeth are feeling a lot cleaner, and I think the plaque build up is reducing.
And feeling good about your teeth is the priority.

Each time I use the toothbrush my teeth feel cleaner. They feel a lot smoother and along with knowing the difference the full 2 minutes might make, alongside being able to make a direct comparison, well, I really do think my dentist will see improvements.

The RRP of the toothbrush may be high, but finding it for half price at £79.99 makes it a much more reasonable purchase. Paying what you do for NHS appointments means it has to be worthwhile in immediate savings along. Having children wanting to brush their teeth because mummy is is such a treasured moment.

Disclosure: I received an Oral B Triumph with SmartGuide as part of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network, and for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are my own.

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