Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Productive time

The idea of having time which is better spent doing 'stuff'.

I usually work better on the train to and from London.
Despite a few hours sleep to ensure I'm out of bed for 0530 I get lots done on the train.
It's great to have 2 hours of time where there's nowhere to go. No distractions.
When I work at night, I can be really productive, but the downside of needing the time to unwind.
So I don't get to bed 'til late.
Tonight (this morning) the case in point.
Although there's a sense of achievement.
I've got some work done.

I have learned that being home from 6 'til 7 at night is worse when not at 100%.
I have learned that getting everyone out of the house before or after tea for a walk makes the world of difference for everyone.
And makes a better sleep for everyone.
I've learned that a great distraction for everyone is baking.
Everyone apart from my frayed nerves.
Colouring, painting, gluing, reading books.... all in good measure.
But don't rely on anything.
It's the equivalent of begging for defeat.

Productive time, whether at work or with children, is not looking for distraction.
Being willing to commit yourself.
Whether due to a small space or a big personality.
Give me the big personality every day.

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