Friday, 11 October 2013

The cost of forgetfulness

Do you ever wonder how you got to work?
One minute you’re locking the front door and the next minute you’re walking into the office.

And that you have routines.
The fact most days you do things in a certain order and it just happens.

Mr J is the forgetful one in our family
The other day he was taking the boys out using the back door.
I was taking Squeaks out through the front door.
I walked back into the kitchen and the door was wide open with the car gone.

Yesterday I got back from London, and phoned him in tears.
“It’s just not like you” were his words of comfort.
I got back from London to a parking notice on my car.

A couple of days a week I work in London.
I park my car at the train station.
I use ‘Ring Go’ to pay.
And yesterday I didn't.

I can’t even begin to explain it.
To the extent that the first thing I did when I saw the parking notice was reach to find the text which proved I had paid.
It wasn't there.

And then I remembered the distraction.
The need to get to London. To sit in a room and take and exam.
The need to revise on the train.
And I forgot.
And I am gutted.
I cheer myself up with the thought that I have never once forgotten to take the children anywhere, or pick them up from any place.
But it scares me that I managed to forget something which could potentially cost me £70.

I appealed to NCP when I got home.
I appealed on the basis that for two years I haven’t forgotten.
Two years of pulling into a car parking space, reaching for my phone and typing some numbers.
To be honest I think that’s pretty good going.
Bearing in mind as I type this (on a train to London, after remembering to pay for my car parking at the station) I have realised I have forgotten my power cable.

So, in the hope I'm not alone, what’s the most costly thing you've forgotten to do?


  1. Oh dear, I hope that they are reasonable :( I'm bad at forgetting to take library books back even though it's so easy to renew online, we had one holiday guide book out which cost so much in fines I could have just bought it.

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed- thank you :) I love bidding wars on ebay where people end up paying more than the original cost just because the moment gets them!
      Squeaks really wants to join the library and I'm so hesitant as we have sooooo many books- but I did love the library when I was little. So maybe, just maybe!


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