Sunday, 27 October 2013

The finale - The Great Bloggers Bake Off

I can't believe it got here so fast (and I'm still a Dacquoise short of a finale) but there it was, the final.
And for me the right decision, I was backing Ruby throughout, and I do think so much about the bravado which accompanies some people who can't *do* for toffee and people who are more comfortable with being ready for the criticism, I digress. Frances had so many creative, lateral, talent which made a perfect winner.
And the nation breathed a sigh of relief.

So, what would finale week bring for me?
Jenny and Helen were of course on hand with smelling salts to keep a sense of perspective.
Well, it goes without saying, the usual stresses to accompany what seemed reasonable deadlines, and a few curve balls.
And so, of course, all I really wanted to do was throw myself into the kitchen. But, of course, those three pesky children.
And of course one pesky child became ill but she did regain strength for day 2. And, of course, Ben Bear, who has come home from school for half term adventures also contributed to our success.
A Hallowe'en treat was in order- a celebration cake (you see how I made it appropriate?).
And then of course Pinterest bore its influence.
And so it may not be a three- tier... and I  thought about using the term 'deconstructed' but anyone who knows me would understand my inability to understand construction to begin with.
But it is all the best parts of my #GBBO experience on one table!
So, I started with the shortbread I had made with my lemon possets. I used the same receipe, with probably an extra 80g of flour so I could work with the dough. I was nervous it would take away from the buttery taste which everyone had loved with the posset, but fortunately between the almonds and the butter it remained a success.
I then called in the troops to help me with the sponge which would be the base cake pops and fairy cakes.
As usual, I used my trusty receipe of weighing four eggs, and using an equal amount of sugar, Stork and self-raising flour, along with a splash of vanilla essence.

Our witches would be the sponge fairy cake, our googley eyes and orange buttercream, shoelaces, with a cornet drowned in chocolate.
Our pumpkins were cake pops, with orange buttercream, rolled black icing, and witches green hair from M&S.
Our ghosts were the cake pops with cream rolled icing, a bit of orange buttercream to attach and then we drew on detail with an edible pen from Hobbycraft.
And, yes, the complete cheat, Haribo marshmallows and the edible pen.
And this was my piece d'resistance, although it came with all the flaws of my Angel Food cake.
I used the Bundtt tin to try and create a cauldron, and used the Joconde sponge from my Opera Cake.
Unfortunately the Joconde had the same fate as the Angel Food cake, so chocolate buttercream creates the wonderful illusion of this beeing one cake.
And we used M&S skulls and rolled black icing spiders to decorate the cauldron.
Inside the cauldon we used green jelly, white chocolate mice, and sour worms, with a shortbread spoon.
And yes, I am so happy with our effort.
I am so happy with everything I've done.

Someone commented about not having the confidence to bake.
So this is it.
My daughter's 3rd birthday cake. March 2012.
Burnt base and rubbish icing.
And she loved it.
And 18months on I am making different types of sponge bases.
Get me :)

mummy mishaps

Disclosure: I received Stork to use for this challenge as part of the Great Bloggers Bake Off.


  1. Debbie this is wonderful seriously amazing!!! I love your witches hat cone cakes and the marshmallow ghosts and fondant icing ones. so clever - so many clever ideas, thank you so much for joining in and ending the series on a such a fab bake x x

  2. that is some Halloween spread, I bet the kids loved it! You have come so far since the days of your burnt cake...I'm glad you didn't give up then!
    thanks for joining in with GBBO over the weeks x


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